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Saturday, 17 September 2011

"How Much Extra Will This Cost? - A Common Law Solution"

New hurdle for learner drivers

A planned law change in Jersey will mean that people will have to pass a theory test before being allowed to drive any vehicle on the road.

At present, the holders of a provisional driving licence can drive a car under qualified supervision or ride a small motorbike after passing basic training.

Under the proposed change, the theory test can be taken at any time in the year before an application can be made for a provisional licence.

The move comes from the Comite des Connetables who fear learners are taking to the roads without an acceptable knowledge of the Highway Code.

If the change is approved, Jersey will become one of the few places in the world where the requirement is made.

Of course, anyone knowing anything about common law will understand that if you do not register your automobile with the authorities, you do not need a license or insurance to travel in your own private auto!!!


  1. well this is just another way to screw money out of people to line the states pockets with yet more money !!!!!!!! greedy pigs i hope they choke on there own greed 1 day

  2. No, sorry I have to dissagree with your common law stance on this one. anyone who drives a motorised vehicle should at the very least be insured. they should be insured so that if they cause an accident, especially whereby somebody is injured to a point they cannot work or is imobilised for the rest of their life, the driver of the car or motorbike whatever is able to compensate the victim so the victim can at least then live a decent life, albeit they may be paralised or other.

    A person who causes an accident and puts their victim in such a position that they cannot work or are paralised or many other things, a person who is not insured and can have no license according to your principle can have no means of income. That then means the victim is left with no help at all apart from the state and the perpetrator pays nothing towards the victims future life of misery.

    Sorry, I dont agree with you on this one at all.

  3. I am not passing judgement on the rights or wrongs anon, rather, simply stating the lawful position. I do however agree with your statement.

    It would indeed be interesting to know if insurance could be obtained without a license, or registering your auto!

  4. As far as i know and my experience with being insured is that you have to send in the Reg number of your car, number plate that is. However, you have a point I dont ever recall having had to send in a copy of my driving license which is a bit worrying. Its worrying because in any of the situations I mentioned whereby I or any other driver with insurance but no license were to cause an injury the insurers could use that as a case not to pay out to the victim.

    I could be a drink driver from years ago (I am not by the way) and lie to my insurers. I could then go and cause an accident to which somebody could be paralised for life but my insurance wont pay out because I lied. If I am also on a minimum wage then how could I support the victim. Its impossible.

    You know what, there is a lot of stuff that can be said with regards to insurance and being insured but at the end of the day the insurers will do all they can not to pay out so I wont go on about it. Just happy to pay my meagre premiums just in case some bugger crashes into me and has no insurance!!

  5. I would be very unhappy to drive without insurance myself, I believe it is a must, so I am going to look into this subject.

  6. Good luck, its a minefield. People crash into others admit recponsibilty then when their insurers get involved they are told to change their story. I know this from 3 people, its a disgrace. I wouldnt waste your time though, there is almost always a loophole when insurance is concerned.

  7. insure yourself, not your auto, like the Dutch do.

    it must be understood that men and women operate with unlimited liablity, your insurance company wont do your prison time!

    common law does not require insurance it deals with freedom and justice,true freedom requires a great deal more responsibility that some are prepared to accept


  8. Hello my old mucker "C"

    Common sense as always from your direction :)