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Friday, 30 September 2011

"Curtis Warren - Sir John McColl - Truth & Justice"


Having waded (for 23 years) through Jersey's disgusting rancid festering corrupt quagmire, known to the blind as Jersey Justice, we are at the inevitable tipping point.

We have seen over many years, the  blind eyes turned away from truth and honour by the holders of the position of Lieutenant Governor of Jersey. It is now the turn of General Sir John McColl to lead by example and show us all that he will not tolerate corruption in this beautiful island.

That he will not sit on his hands and let bent policemen do their thing unhindered, or that corrupt judges ignore the Law of the Land to vindictively persecute those they do not like, or those who pose a threat to exposing the real criminals, themselves! Or that our bent or cowardly lawyers do not pro actively follow Oligarchy orders in preference to justice for their clients. Or that our many corrupt policemen who break the Law of the Land on a regular basis, escape punishment.

Over my 23 years in Jersey I have identified 48 policemen who have deliberately lied in their statements, 18 policemen who have needlessly beaten me, 17 that have covered up for other policemen in a court of Law, 9 policemen who I can prove (with tape recordings) have perjured themselves in a court of Law, 8 judges who have deliberately refused me justice simply to cover up for the Establishment, 7 lawyers who have broken every rule of their oath of office, at least 5 of which have behaved criminally, 2 policemen who have rewritten witness statements, 2 members of the Judicial Greffe who have doctored trial tapes before they were sent to England for transcription, 1 policeman who has doctored other evidence, a police surgeon who has lied and deceived in dozens of court cases, and countless members of the Establishment who have conspired to pervert the course of justice, and all this is without mentioning anyone from the Law Officers Department! or higher up! or the civil servants!

"Shockingly Enough, These Statistics Are Just From 'My Own' Cases"

And to add insult to much injury, not one single policeman, lawyer, judge or government agent has ever had so much as a verbal caution in respect of any of the above matters. We look to you "Sir John McColl" for your honesty, guidance and deliverance from the evil we are forced to endure in Jersey!

"In God We Trust"

"Every Kinda Fruitcake In Jersey!!!"


"Apocalypse Jersey"

"Funeral Held For Remaining Murder Victims"

Marek Garstka, who was 56, his 30-year-old daughter Izabela Rzeszowska and her children, five-year-old Kinga and two-year-old Kacper, died at Victoria Crescent in St Helier from stab wounds.

They were cremated in private services on Thursday before their ashes were taken to St Thomas' Church.

The ashes will be repatriated to Poland.
Catholic Dean of Jersey, Monsignor Nicholas France, and Father Jan Swiatek, Jersey's Polish Catholic Mission Priest, took the service.

Monsignor France said there was a good turnout. He said: "I think this is an opportunity always to remember, we can learn from what has gone before us.
"Above all, work to sustain the sense of solidarity that has been a special mark of these past few weeks."

In an emotional reading by Mr Garstka’s brother, Wieslaw Garstka, who was visiting from Poland with his wife, he said that he hoped his brother was now walking through the meadows in heaven with his beloved daughter and grandchildren.

The other two victims, Marta de La Haye and her daughter Julia, were remembered at a special Mass on Saturday.

Damian Rzeszowski, 30, has been charged with six murders and is being held in a secure facility in the UK.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

"Improper & Imprudent - But For Whom?"

Royal Court say no to Curtis Warren appeal

Curtis Warren

"There is no cruder tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of Law  and in the name of justice."

Jersey's Royal Court has refused to approach the Lieutenant Governor for another appeal hearing for Curtis Warren.

Mr Beloff QC said it would be improper and imprudent to do so.

The Lieutenant Governor is the only person in Jersey who can grant a second appeal.

Curtis Warren's lawyer, Advocate Stephen Baker will now apply directly.

The court have also refused to release the name of a juror involved in Warren's trial, who was allegedly wrongfully approached by Jersey Police.

Curtis Warren was jailed for 13 years in 2009 for attempting to import £1 million worth of cannabis into Jersey. He is currently serving his sentence in Full Sutton category A prison in York.

Advocate Baker said: "Mr Warren is extremely concerned that there is a reluctance by the prosecution to allow an independent police force to investigate allegations of jury tampering
by the Jersey police."

Earlier this year Mr Warren failed to have his sentence overturned at the Supreme Court in London. But Advocate Baker has applied for his clients case to be heard by the European Court of Human Rights.

"The States Of Jersey Think They Own The Fish In The Sea Now!"

Relief Magistrate Peter Harris
"The rules are there for a reason"

Oh, they sure are Peter, the reason is "revenue"

"Safe Jersey - The Big Society In Action"

"Safe Jersey - The Big Society In Action"

"A Final Tribute Before The Journey Home R.I.P"

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

"Ozo The Bozo - No Plan B, or C, or D, or E"

Economy Shrinks by 5%

The decline in Jersey's finance industry is mainly to blame for the island's shrinking economy, says a States economist.
Jersey's Gross Value Added (GVA) declined by 5% last year, making the value of economic activity the lowest recorded since 1998.
The States economist said it was expected because of the recession.
The finance sector, which makes up 40% of the economy, declined by 11% in 2010, and has fallen 28% since 2008.
But other industries such as the building and hospitality trades saw some growth.
David Warr, from Jersey's Chamber of Commerce disagreed, saying he had seen little sign of any growth.
He said while the economy in Jersey was coping with the global recession better than many other places, it was important not be complacent.
Mr Warr said: "This is a worry, Jersey's had a successful tourism industry - it collapsed through the 1990s, we've got half the bed spaces we had 20 years ago.
"We've had an amazingly successful finance industry and we still have it, but it's just not delivering the profits that we ever did."

"Safe Jersey - The Big Society In Action!!!"

Man throttled wife in drunken rage

A WOMAN thought she was going to die when her husband started strangling her in a drunken rage, a court heard this week.
After she pushed Slawomir Lukasz Jurek away and managed to escape he returned with a steak knife, the Magistrate’s Court heard on Monday.
The 29-year-old scaffolder, from Poland, admitted committing a grave and criminal assault on his wife on 11 June in Midvale Road and driving while disqualified on 21 April in St Peter’s Valley, St Lawrence.
He was sentenced to 180 hours’ community service, disqualified from licensed premises for 12 months and fined £300.

"Safe Jersey - The Big Society In Action!!!"

Former Muratti striker fined for racial abuse and assault

Paul Aitken (right) playing for Jersey against Dorset
Paul Aitken (right) playing for Jersey against Dorset

A FORMER Murratti striker who shouted racial abuse at a bouncer before assaulting a police officer at the weekend was fined £1,250 by the Magistrate’s Court yesterday.
States labourer Paul Russell Aitken (27), of David Place, went into Platinum nightclub at about 11.30 pm last Saturday but two of his friends were barred, Centenier Paul Huelin told the court.
‘He returned to his friends and started shouting racial abuse to the door staff,’ said Centenier Huelin.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

"The Curtis Warren Saga Rumbles On"

Curtis Warren appeals against sentence for second time

Curtis Warren  
Warren was jailed for attempting to import cannabis into Jersey

Related Stories

Jersey's new Lieutenant Governor will decide whether the convicted drug dealer Curtis Warren can appeal against his sentence for a second time.
Warren is serving a 13-year sentence for plotting to bring £1m worth of cannabis into Jersey.
He is currently being kept at Full Sutton high security prison near York.
He lost his first appeal in March and on Tuesday he appeared at Jersey's Royal Court via video link appealing for a second time.
But the Royal Court decided it did not have the jurisdiction to grant more than one appeal.
Warren will now have to explain to the Lieutenant Governor why he deserves to be granted leave to appeal.
It will ultimately be General Sir John McColl's decision as to whether jurisdiction can be granted.
The Royal Court will resume on Thursday to explain its decision.

However, his conviction was obtained with illegally obtained evidence, which gave him the opportunity to appeal against his sentence earlier this year. This appeal was dismissed.

Today in court Warren's lawyer said he now believed a juror had been "got at" by Jersey Police and wanted his name released in order for the matter to be investigated as part of the independent Hampshire enquiry.

Now it will be down to Jersey's new Lieutenant Governor to decide whether Warren can mount his second appeal.

Warren's Advocate, Stephen Baker, said: "Mr Warren is extremely concerned that there is a reluctance by the prosecution to allow an independent police force to investigate allegations of jury tampering by the Jersey police."

Monday, 26 September 2011

"Common Law Oath Of Office Sworn by New Lieutenant Governor!"

Jersey Lieutenant Governor Gen Sir John McColl sworn in

"I May Just Put The Validity Of This Oath To The Test"

Jersey's new Lieutenant Governor, Gen Sir John McColl, has been sworn in at the Royal Court.
He will be the Queen's personal representative in Jersey and will be a point of contact between the UK government and Jersey.

He is also responsible for immigration matters in Jersey.
Gen McColl has moved into Government House and took an oath of loyalty to the Crown and to the Queen's subjects in Jersey.

Sir John McColl
In his welcome speech at the ceremony in the Royal Court, the Bailiff Michael Birt said Gen McColl would play an essential role in expressing the loyalty the island feels to the Queen.
The new Lieutenant Governor has seen active service in Northern Ireland, Sierra Leone, Kosovo, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

At the swearing in earlier, the bailiff said: "The island has always valued the fact our Lieutenant Governor is invariably a very senior and distinguished serviceman to whom islanders can easily and naturally accord the respect and honour which is due to Her Majesty's personal representative.

"Your Excellency has indeed had a distinguished career in the army culminating in your appointment as Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe, which in practice I understand, is the highest military position in Europe likely to be held by a non-American."

"St Martin's Hustings Was A Real Shocker!!!"


He also, like Mr Syvret, was

Saturday, 24 September 2011

"The Truth Hurts"

Why have you done this to your Island?

From Lawson Cartwright.

I HAVE recently returned from a two-week break in your beautiful Island and feel compelled to write about my experiences and the changing face of Jersey.
My first trips to the Island were back in the 1980s, when I worked as a summer student on potato farms. The 80s in jersey were happy days, your tourism was booming, the farming community was thriving, bars and restaurants were busy, and the Islanders were strong, independent and proud.

What a contrast I found this time around, I could write a thesis and on where I feel your States have allowed the Island to fall into decline. Such a paper would include chapters in consumerism, greed, corruption, nostalgia, self-pity and resignation.
What ever happened to customer service in your Island? In the 80s it was excellent, happy chatty bar staff, helpful polite waiters, and shop assistants that could speak English and pass the time of day.

On my holiday, I found waiters who came to your table and handed you your plate, rather than place it on the table. I also found waiters who did not know what was on the menu and appeared not to care, waiters with false smiles whose expression changed when they left your table.

In one restaurant I asked three separate waiters for Pernod or Ricard but not one knew what it was – yet your tourist board promotes the Island as being closer to France than England.

In another restaurant I was unable to explain that I did not want a particular table, because the waitress did not understand what I was saying. In the end I was forced to leave. I found polish bar staff in nearly every bar I visited; many had a limited knowledge of the English language and at best could only take your order. None had any concept whatsoever of the English pub atmosphere, ie chatty and friendly.

Your elections are coming up soon, so perhaps it’s time to put people in power who care about the Island. In my view you need broad-minded people, people who understand what it means to be a Jerseyman, strong people who are not afraid to return to the immigration policies of the past.

You need people who want to encourage tourism. In order to do this they will need to revise your tax laws, look at ownership of bars and restaurants and the apparent lack of business acumen, they will need to examine monopolies and, if necessary, force sales.
From an outsider’s point of view the States seem to be in cahoots with your financial services industry. Perhaps the States feel they have no alternative.

It’s also clear that developers have had a hand in taking away a lot of the Island’s heritage; Jersey Pottery, I understand, is to be the next victim.
Many new developments are an eyesore and are not in keeping with the Island’s architecture, Portelet apartments being the latest in a long line of projects that should never have been granted planning permission, in my view.

I feel you should reduce income tax for local people, so that they can work in your bars and restaurants, and compete with the cheaper Eastern European workforce.
You should also look to recruiting from the UK. British people may not have socialist working values, but British people today, in contrast to those of 30 years ago, have excellent business skills.

In the long run I feel your Island will be better off. You have had the good times. Make sure you leave some for your children.

"A Final Journey - Rest In Peace Marta & Julia xxx"

Funeral Mass for Marta and Julia

A funeral has been held for two of the victims of last month's tragic stabbings in Jersey.

The Mass for 34-year-old Marta de la Haye and her five-year-old daughter Julia took place at St Thomas' Catholic Church.

The bodies of Marta and Julia were in the same coffin. The mass was led by Jersey's Catholic Dean and the island's Polish priest.

The family expressed their thanks for the island's sympathy and generosity in their time of need. The bodies are now on their way to Poland, where they'll finally be laid to rest. 

A funeral Mass for the four other people who died at Victoria Crescent will be held on 29 September.
Jersey's Catholic Dean, Monsignor Nicholas France, and Father Jan Swiatek, Jersey's Polish Catholic Mission Priest, led the service.
Marek Garstka, who was 56, his daughter 30-year-old Izabela Rzeszowska and her children, five-year-old Kinga and two-year-old Kacper, died in the same incident.
They will be cremated at private services on 29 September and their ashes taken to a Mass at St Thomas' Church later that evening before being repatriated to Poland.

Thirty-year-old Damian Rzeszowski has been charged with six murders and is in custody.

"Safe Jersey - The Big Society In Action!!!"

Visitor attacked by youths

A VISITING businessman spent the night in hospital after he was attacked by youths in the early hours of yesterday morning.
The 48-year-old identified only as Johnny was walking back to the Radisson Hotel when he was attacked near the pedestrian crossing above the underpass.
A local taxi driver who was driving in the area stopped to help the man who he said had been left staggering and bloody.
Police Inspector Andy Bisson confirmed that the police were investigating the incident.

"Jersey Described As 'Acceptable & Well Regulated' Not Talking About The Judiciary Then?"

Lib Dems approve Jersey’s status as a finance centre

UK Business Secretary Vince Cable at the Liberal Democrat annual conference. Picture: David Jones/PA Wire

JERSEY’S status as an offshore finance centre was given another boost this week after leading Liberal Democrats in the UK described it as ‘acceptable’ and ‘well regulated’.
The comments were made to Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf during a three-day visit to the party’s conference in Birmingham aimed at strengthening the Island’s links with the UK.
It follows a positive week for the industry, which has just celebrated its 50th birthday, in which the EU gave Jersey’s controversial business tax system, zero-ten, the thumbs up and described it as ‘no longer harmful’.
Among the comments made to the Minister this week was one from Business Secretary Vince Cable, a long-term critic of Jersey’s offshore status, who said ‘there were no issues with Jersey he was aware of’.

Friday, 23 September 2011

"We Will Quash This After The Elections"

The States get another vote on how Chief Minister is chosen

CHANGES to the Standing Orders of the States to make the election of Chief Minister open will be put to Members in November.

It follows the adoption of a proposition from Deputy Trevor Pitman last week to open up the currently secret ballot so Islanders can see who voted for whom, by 21 votes to 19.
However, the move will not be finalised until Members have debated the latest changes and once again voted on the issue. That means the decision could still be reversed if enough politicians voted against it.
An amendment has been proposed by the Privileges and Procedures Committee Outlining for a decision in time for the election of a new Chief Minister to replace Senator Terry Le Sueur on 14 November.

"IF The States Agree???"

Jersey 2012 budget: Tax relief on childcare to double

The move was announced in the Treasury and Resources Minister's budget for 2012.
If the States agree, working parents with children aged three and under will get £12,000 tax relief on their childcare bills.
Fiona Vacher, from the Jersey Child Care Trust, said the minister was helping the right families.
She said: "It will help some parents with the dilemma of whether they should go back to work or not.
"Parents are feeling the squeeze enormously at the moment and this will help working families."
The budget also includes a 4.5% increase in the amount people can earn before paying income tax.
However, duty on tobacco is going up 10%, adding 35p to a packet of cigarettes, and tax on alcohol is also going up 5% - adding 6p on a bottle of wine and 1p on a pint of beer.
Treasury Minister, Senator Philip Ozouf, said there was good news for motorists as there was no increase planned on fuel duty.
Senator Ozouf said Jersey's government was on track to get rid of the black hole in public finances.
He said: "We are on track to meet our savings target, to close the £100m deficit and to balance our budget by 2013. We are in a strong position.
"We are, however, conscious that many families have been feeling the pinch and with that in mind, this budget proposes to almost double the child care relief for younger children.
"This is the biggest targeted improvement in taxation for families with young children that the island has ever had."

Thursday, 22 September 2011

"Criminal Justice Department? - Does That Cover Bent Cops?"

Police seek savings with new Criminal Justice department

Pretty smile Sarah,
but how are you on Police Corruption???
A NEW police department has been created to make sure suspects are treated correctly when in police custody and to look after victims and witnesses.

The Criminal Justice department will be led by Sarah Henderson, who has been promoted to the rank of inspector to take command.

She explained that her team of around 50 would bring together police and civilian staff from various existing areas in a bid to save money and provide a more efficient service.

The changes were prompted by the need to save cash under the comprehensive spending review, the States-wide drive to cut public sector spending by £65 million by 2013.

The reasons for my chosen headline can be read at the link below


"Ian Gorst - Delusions Of Grandeur"

"Gorst says he’d run for Chief Minister"

 Most Servants Do! Don't They?

Gorst is the servant at the back

SENATORIAL hopeful Ian Gorst has thrown open the race for Chief Minister by saying he is considering running for the top job if re-elected.

Deputy Gorst, currently the Social Security Minister, made the comments on the hustings platform in St Peter last night.

In response to a question from the floor, he said: ‘I must be honest and say that if I am re-elected I will consider putting my name forward [for Chief Minister].
‘If that does not happen, then of course I would be seeking another ministerial office.’

As things stand, Deputy Gorst’s political ally Senator Ian Le Marquand is the only declared candidate for Chief Minister – although Senator Paul Routier says that he is considering running for the job.

"Canadian George Burrows - Butt Pirated Out Of 100K"

Canadian man travels to Jersey to protest outside bank

George Burrow protesting outside Standard Chartered  
George Burrow is protesting after he lost £100,000 in the global economic downturn

A Canadian man has travelled to Jersey to protest outside a bank after he lost money in the global economic downturn.
George Burrow lost £100,000 in 2008 after investing it with Standard Chartered Jersey Limited.
He claimed he was told it would have no exposure to US Financial Institutions but was later called to say it had been lost after being invested in US bank Lehman Brothers.
A spokesman for Standard Chartered said they were satisfied with their conduct.
Mr Burrows said he was told there was nothing Standard Chartered could do.
He has been wearing a poster with what he said was a warning to customers.
He said: "I came over for two days basically to protest outside the bank in the hope that I could get some wider support and perhaps embarrass the bank into actually doing something."
Richard Ingle, the chief executive officer, said: "We are very sympathetic to any individual impacted by the financial crisis.
"In this particular case we have thoroughly investigated the matter, and we are completely satisfied with our conduct and are confident with the position we have taken."
Mr Burrow has contacted the Jersey Financial Services Commission and was told they had no powers to act in this case.

More on This Story

"Pipples Ozouf Getting A Deserved Walloping"

Auditor General called in over Police HQ fiasco

Jersey's Auditor General has been called in to investigate the botched purchase of a new police headquarters.

A scrutiny panel probe into the loss of the Lime Grove House in central St Helier has raised serious concerns about government integrity.

After the purchase of the property fell through, a scrutiny panel was formed to look at what led to the failure and the financial implications of that.

It has been estimated that the saga has cost the States £100,000, although Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf told us last week this figure is more like £60,000 - because £40,000 worth for architectural work can be reapplied elsewhere.

The site was initially the first phase of the Jersey's Office Strategy - a project which had already taken a decade to get going. The panel now believes the project will be stalled for at least two or three years.

Senator Ozouf has promised to deliver a new police HQ on the approved budget of £19 million.

During the review, the panel identified various issues which they were unable to investigate because they fell outside of their remit, including whether the transaction was carried out in the best interests of the States and if the procedures for the purchase of the property were appropriate.

Now all of the paperwork has been handed to Auditor General Chris Swinson for some answers.

Mr Swinson said: "As there are a number of detailed points of evidence to resolve, it is possible that the investigation may take some time. I will however use my best endeavours to publish a report as soon as possible."

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

"Knighted For Naught - More Horseshit From The Jersey Evening Post" the vids are not from them


No Shit Sherlock!

Well, thats goodbye to Phick Phil and his brother for a kickoff, followed by King Birt, Terry 'the' Sewer, Ian 'le liar' Le Marquand, the Ozouf party, and all affiliated scum. Then we can begin to look at our excuse for a police force!!!

Shysters & Saints

THE Senatorial hustings campaign began in St Clement last night with former Bailiff Sir Philip Bailhache launching an attack on the current crop of States Members.
In the first meeting of the Senatorial tour, 12 of the 13 candidates answered questions on subjects including referenda, reducing the number of States Members, and Jersey’s greatest successes.
More than 200 people attended the meeting and there was standing room only at the Parish Hall, with several people standing in the lobby behind the assembly room to hear the candidates speak.

Jersey Elections 2011 - Philip BailhacheSir Philip Bailhache - As a former Bailiff and Judge, Sir Philip is no stranger to Jersey politics. As Bailiff his position was Chief Justice of the island. He studied Law at Oxford University and upon leaving joined his family's law firm: He practised from the family law firm, Bailhache and Bailhache in Hill Street, St Helier. He lives in Grouville with his second wife Linda and two children, Alice and Edward.
As "Bay-Leaf" he also gave bail to an attempted rapist who had also beaten the woman, and just seven minutes after a jury had found him guilty in Bailhaches own courtroom. This rapist, Benyousef, then went on to rape two women, and is now serving 12 years. See link below.
Bailhache also lied in front of judges in England when admitting on video that he had 'just made it up as he went along'. Oligarchy Muppet....What A Guy!!! See link below.

"Timescale Was Unrealistic? - They've Had 11 Bloody Years!"

Town Park granite ‘could have been sourced locally’

Nick Vibert at La Saline quarry says the timescale given by TTS was unrealistic

A JERSEY granite supplier has said that given the proper notice, he could have supplied enough local granite for the Millennium Town Park.
The timescales set by the Transport and Technical Services to produce the granite were so tight that over 2,000 tonnes of paving slabs had to be imported from France and China – despite plans for the park spending over 11 years on the drawing board.
The slabs, imported from China by company Granite Le Pelley, were delivered to the Town Park site last week.
Nick Vibert, manager at Jersey firm La Saline Masonry, would have liked to have seen the Town Park paved in Jersey granite.

"The Calibre Of The Imbeciles Standing For Election"

Chris Whit'less'worth shows he is just like most of our sitting States Members, a useless cardboard cut-out with NO VOICE!!!

Looks kinda gay too! might appeal to Freddie!

Copied Darius Pearce - and screwed up !!!

Candidates were questioned about radioactive gas, States reform and the best things about Jersey at the first hustings of the election campaign.

Over the next month, the would-be senators will visit each parish to answer questions.
St Clement hosted the first that saw 12 of the 13 candidates speak to a packed parish hall.
The thirteenth, Chris Whitworth, was represented by a life-sized paper cut-out of himself.
He told BBC News that he left the cut-out because he felt the hustings were a waste of time.
Binding referendum
Questions from the public ranged from what the candidates would do to help individuals to whether a referendum should be binding on the States.

Darius Pearce - Bottled It       
Got Wissy Chrissy To Do His Stunt For Him !!!

Planning and building issues were also brought up by candidates in the opening speeches.
Constable Len Norman, who has been a senator himself, chaired the discussion and said people were looking for candidates with a grasp of island-wide issues.
He said: "I think all of the candidates showed they had a grasp of those, some to a greater extent and some to a lesser."

Senator Alan Breckon, who is half way through his six-year term of office, said after the meeting that it looked like it would be a long campaign.
"It was a bit wearisome at times, it is difficult to answer questions in this form and some candidates are already showing their aptitude for that and others perhaps not so," he said.
The election candidates are: Sir Philip Bailhache, Freddie Cohen, Rose Colley, Linda Corby, Lyndon Farnham, Mark Forskitt, Ian Gorst, Francis Le Gresley, Sylvia Lagadu, Darius Pearce, David Richardson, Stuart Syvret, Christopher Whitworth.

"More Horseshit From Cover-up TV"

Alzheimers set to double in Jersey in next 10yrs

"Set to double" says WHO??? Where is the evidence??? or do they know who is poisoning us? and with what? And this is MEDIA!!!

The number of islanders suffering from Alzheimer's disease is set to double in the next 10 years in Jersey.

The staggering statistic has been revealed on the day which is dedicated internationally to raising awareness of this form of dementia.

A new website to support those with, and surrounded by Alzheimer's has been launched today (Wednesday):

This Sunday the Alzheimer's Society in Guernsey is staging its fundraising Memory Walk to raise money for those affected by the disease.

The eight-mile walk will set off from Chouet Car Park at 10.30am heading to Saumarez Park where there will be refreshments, children's games, a raffle and live music.

To find out more about the walk, visit or call 01481 244057.

"Esoteric Agenda"

"Esoteric Agenda & Kymatica"

Kymatica - The Follow Up

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

"Supergrass Doesn't Get His Wish"

Deputy Southern CAN stand at elections

Jersey's Royal Court has given Geoff Southern the go ahead to stand in the upcoming election.

Senatorial candidate Darius Pearce claimed the St Helier Deputy's criminal record had not been read out at the nomination meeting - which he said broke the Election Law - and was calling for him to be kicked out of the elections.

However, Deputy Southern called this a "malicious accusation".

The Royal Court dismissed the case, saying no breach had been made.

Mr Pearce submitted claims to the Royal Court that Deputy Southern failed to have his convictions read out in full at this month's St Helier No. 2 nomination meeting by his proposer.

He said that Deputy Southern declared a conviction, but didn't clarify what it was, and therefore deceived the public.

The conviction refers to when Deputy Southern was fined £10,000 in 2009 for breaking the Public Election Law, after he was convicted of helping Islanders apply for postal votes in St Helier No 2 District during the last election, in 2008.

Deputy Southern says he did submit his conviction in writing and if they were not read out properly this would be an error with the Chairman of the meeting.

Today the court was satisfied Mr Southern made a genuine mistake in not listing all 20 counts within his conviction. The judge ruled he had complied with the law.

Deputy Southern says Mr Pearce's claims were politically motivated.

He said: "I believe this is a malicious accusation. I submitted my conviction in writing under Article 39A of the Election Law. If there was an error I believe it concerns the Chairman."

The court had ordered media organisations to hand over recordings of the evening.

At nomination meetings candidates must have their conviction and the details of that conviction read out by their proposer.

One issue that did arise was that it should not be left to the proposer to read out convictions during nominations. By law it should be the job of the Parish Constable. But in practice this does not happen.

No blame was laid on Deputy Southern. Instead the case only served to highlight a slight flaw in the electoral system.

"How Would You Like A Nice Bag Of A.I.D.S. ?"

Blood ban on gay men to be lifted

The lifetime ban on blood donations from gay men is to be lifted in Jersey.

Homosexual and Bisexual men have not been allowed to donate blood since the 1980s.

The restrictions were put in place to prevent the spread of HIV.

But the latest medical evidence suggests there would be no significant increase in the risk of infection after the change in rules.

"Swine Flu Sue Gets Top Job"

Turnbull becomes permanent Medical Officer

Jersey News from ITV Channel Television - Susan Turnball

Dr Susan Turnbull has been appointed Medical Officer of Health on a permanent basis.

She became acting Medical Officer last September when Dr Rosemary Geller became ill and later retired.

Health Minister, Deputy Anne Pryke, said: "Over the last few months Dr Turnbull has developed an important partnership with colleagues in Guernsey, enabling us to establish patterns of joint working which allow for the sharing knowledge and resources.

"This work, coupled with closer ties to the States own Environment Department will allow her, as MOH, to establish a smaller yet highly effective public health team."

The mother of two is a former doctor and became Deputy Medical Officer in 2006.

Dr Turnbull said: "It is with great pride that I formally take up the post, Jersey's Medical
Officer of Health. I look forward to working hard to help protect and improve the health of
fellow Islanders. My family and I love life in Jersey and, in the five years we have been
here, could not have been made more welcome. There could not be any better place to
practise public health medicine."

I wonder if Sue has had her own kids injected with the swine flu vaccine?

Monday, 19 September 2011

"Heroin - Not All Fun"

Pregnant woman injects husband’s smuggled heroin