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Monday, 1 August 2011

"Victim’s Head Held Under Water In Bath"

The case was heard in the Royal Court

A WOMAN thought she was going to die as her ex-fiancé strangled her while holding her head under water in the bath, a court heard.
The victim was ‘absolutely terrified’ as care worker Matthew Daniel Barnes pushed her under the water for a second time and told her ‘You’re going to die tonight’, the Royal Court was told.
The 30-year-old, who has a previous conviction in the UK for grievous bodily harm, then prevented her from leaving her flat, but she later escaped and ran in her pyjamas to her mother’s house.
Wigan-born Barnes admitted committing a grave and criminal assault on his ex-partner on 7 April at her home address. He was jailed for two years and excluded from licensed premises for six months on his release from prison.


  1. Care worker? Please tell me it was not by the States Employment Board.

  2. Don't be daft, if he was an employee of the States, his name would have been redacted, infact it wouldn't even have made it into the RAG.
    No scandal , at all costs.

  3. Don't be daft, he probably wouldn't have got charged!!!