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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

"The Undeniable Truth About Jersey Corruption!!!"

Below is the speech that Stuart Syvret gave outside the Royal Court of Jersey before he entered to address his fate, and one of his best I think.

It must be pointed out that all Jersey's main stream (discredited) media were present,
yet not a peep from them about this speech!!!

And they incessantly harp on that they do not cover up ANYTHING....

Please follow the green link directly below to get the full story
from Stuart Syvret's Blog.


  1. Please can you get the message out that we must ALL vote! it's the only chance we have had in relation to P Bailhache, it's our chance now as voters to vote who we believe to be the best people for Jersey, P Bailhache was never elected in his post as Bailiff nor Judge by the Jersey people, so please on your blog get people to go out and vote in October, its our one chance and we must all vote!

  2. A charge of violating Data Protection against Stuart Syvret was a joke, the authorities should be forced by the highest court in the land to explain in great detail as to why no action was taken against Deputy Power.
    His crime was greater than Stuarts, he took possession of a document he knew not to be his, (theft by finding) in simple terms, he stole it!
    he then forwarded the document to colleagues.
    No action taken, there is absolutely no way this evil administration should be allowed to get away with it!