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Monday, 22 August 2011

"There Is Just 'NO' Upsetting The Finance God's In Jersey"

Police relocation plans scuppered

Jersey Police's plans to move their headquarters from Rouge Bouillon to Lime Grove House on Green Street have been scuppered.

Although Jersey Police thought they were in the final stages of negotiations, the vendor made a decision to enter into a long term lease arrangement with a private sector client from the financial services industry instead. The deal went through the Royal Court on Friday.

The company in question, Colomberie Services, has leased the property for a period of 21 years, at a rate of £858,204 per year.

The Police had been in negotiations with the vendor for some time when the deal fell through.

Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf said: “We were disappointed to learn of this development. In negotiations of this kind there is always the possibility that vendors will complete transactions with another third party. It is also difficult for the States of Jersey since it cannot and should not compete with the international financial services sector in property matters.

“Discussions for the relocation of the States of Jersey Police have been ongoing for a significant period of time, for various reasons. This latest development is regrettable and disappointing. I have already been in communication with the Minister for Home Affairs and the Chief of Police, to tell them that I will do everything that I can to fast track a solution which will secure new police accommodation as quickly as possible while delivering the efficiency savings that have been identified.

“I am extremely grateful for the hard work of our staff throughout this challenging project and I would like to thank all those involved.”

AND, how much did this little failure cost?


  1. Funny how the JEP closed the comments on this story early!

    Seems you're right.

  2. wow £858,204 per year for a lease - is the building diamond encrusted or something? who owns the freehold?

  3. Will we ever know how much this farce has cost?
    The States already own around a Billion £`s worth of property, what , for instance is wrong with the disused Jersey College for Girls, the sale of the currentPolice Headquarters would pay for refurbishment on the College,
    There are many examples.