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Thursday, 4 August 2011

"Terms Of Reference For Committee Of Inquiry Into Child Abuse Should Cover The Entire Spectrum"

"Verita Group To Lay Down The T.O.R"

No matter who lays down the TOR, or who does the investigating, what use is it if our corrupt Muppet's do not act on the findings? Most of us are well aware that there is going to be every effort made to cover up most parts of the child abuse investigation.
How else could people like Mario Lundy remain in position?

What is needed in the mean time is for our few honourable States members to put their foot down, and insist on nothing less than an all encompassing Committee Of Inquiry.

Every aspect of this disgusting episode should be raked through,
no stone left unturned, and from as far back as the oldest survivor!!!

"Let The Cover Up Begin, We Are Watching"

The below text in blue, is taken from
and the blog is well worth a look.

Today's JEP has an item on page 4 headlined 'Hospital death experts called in on abuse inquiry'.  For one brief monent I thought the Chief Minister might actually be contemplating the significance of the evidence - the teeth, the fresh fleshed burned bones , the collagen bearing fragment.  But no, this is the news that Verita  are to be commissioned to 'assist in recommending terms of reference and options for the establishment  of an independent inquiry into historic  child abuse in Jersey'.   He refused to comment on costs, but did say it would be finished by the end of September.

Now I believe that date is no coincidence.  Having prevaricated and done nothing significant  since June it is now jolly expedient to appoint someone , and have their recommendations at the end of September.  That timescale will of course mean that by the time it has reported to the Council of Ministers, and they have taken some time to consider its contents and decide what to do, there is no prosepct of it being examined or challenged during the coming elections.  It seems the earliest the States will be able to discuss the recommendations and terms of reference is the sitting of the 8th November.  So the outgoing Council of Ministers  gets, for practical considerations, to determine the inquiry terms and membership.

You might also note another factor.  Implied in the piece in the JEP the only people involved in the decision to engage Verita are the Council of Minister and senator Le Gresley.  Verita were selected because of their knowledge of such things, and of Jersey.  It seems to me there is at least one other group who have expertise about this matter, and of Jersey, who could easily have been consulted. This of course is the Jersey Care Leaver's Association. 

No chief minster we are not so blinded  that we cannot work out your game plan. 



    Interesting observations about the timing of this.

  2. Verita are very specific when it comes to TOR, no wishy washy stuff with them, if its not specifically spelt out, they will not investigate, just ask Bob Hill.

  3. The word jumping out at me is ''assist''

    Veritas to lay down the terms of reference for new inquiry, acting in accordance with etc etc.

    Enter side door the ''assistants'' to remove, shred prevent or provide assumptions of understanding to said assistants.

  4. Also of note is that the social worker from the Baby-P case ended up with a million quid, and the surgeon who was responsible for the death of Elizabeth Rourke was allowed to Practice Again!!!. Not really looking to good, IS IT???

  5. As soon as the COI was brought up again I thought it might be a bad thing for the abuse survivors. Those with the power to do so will use that as an opportunity to spin and cover-up the abuse even more, and then say it has been investigated enough. I don't believe any good will come of any "official" COI because I can't believe it will be honest. Much more could be exposed by the continued investigative reporting and posting of facts by bloggers, and perhaps the outside media will eventually take notice of the evidence they have provided of a continued cover-up.

  6. Mr. Le Sueur has agreed Veritas can set out the TOR, then what? more of same old same old under the guise of guidance and structure from the States of Jersey!

    Why cant the States of Jersey not interfere in the job of paid professionals. Give them free reign, access to anything and everything with no restrictions.

  7. Whilst anyone in Authority from the States of Jersey has anything whatsoever to with the child abuse inquiry, we are in for an utter complete whitewash....end of!!!

    800 years of history has proven it already!

  8. "Whilst anyone in Authority from the States of Jersey has anything whatsoever to with the child abuse inquiry, we are in for an utter complete whitewash....end of!!!"

    I couldn't agree more, Ian! This upcoming whitewash can only do more harm.


  9. Then, bring on the whitewash, it's not ever going away until the truth is out :)

    Bloggers in Jersey have already given their word on that xxx

  10. Since when does an independent inquiry 'body' set the terms of there engagement!!!

    How does it go, erm Mr Investigating 'body' do you want some business, yea sure what?, well we will say you are setting the terms, that's odd but okay, but really I will be setting them and you are to fully endorse them, well I don't think I can agree to that, what about a nice little bonus into your private account something like 100k, when do I start?

  11. Ian, on the Baby P case the reason that the social worker, Sharon Shoesmith, won her case was that the minister, Ed Balls, failed to follow proper employment law requirements. She may have had a good case.
    Verita examined the role of the GOS Hospital management. Private Eye consider their report a whitewash. The role of Verita is worth examining closely.