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Friday, 5 August 2011

"The Syvret Treatment - The Saga Continues"

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Verdict & Judgement
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  1. Only in Jersey could it happen. A politician identifies a suspected serial killer and cover up and the only person to be taken to court is the politician. You could not make this up.

  2. anon untill people stand up and fight and i mean fight this will just go on and on and on words will not stop this. child rape serial killers are just the norm in jersey the likes of tls,po,tlm and the rest will just keep it coverd up as it stands they will get what they want,just to make a point i was told today by a sentor who i was chatting to i said if bailhache gets in im going hes replay was start packing he,s in all ready so there you go

  3. And tonight's Rag has a letter from Don Filleul saying that it is only the "unthinking" (aka: thick) people who believe that the people should choose our Chief Minister.

    And then goes on to say that us thickos would have chosen Stuart.... such horrors.

    Yes, cheers Don. Pathetic Sir.

    An annoyed The Beano is not the Rag

  4. The unthinking Filleul suggests that elected States members can better judge who to be Chief Minister than the electorate, and yet he accepts that that electorate are sufficiently compos mentis enough to elect those members in the first place.

    Is he saying that if we are too thick to elect the Chief Minister, that our stupidity nevertheless elects members who do have what it takes? That seems implausible.

    Surely his position more appropriately suggests that the elected democratic choices of a too thick electorate should also be regarded as bad choices to be ordinary members?

    Which is it Filleul?

  5. How can a documented paedo protector become a senator? I do not usually wish harm to anybody but in this scumbags case I hope the cancer comes back.

  6. Is this the Filleul that bought ALL office equipment for public works as president from his own company Filleuls? & they say they did not receive any remuneration in those days,maybe not directly!!crawl back under your steam clock Filleul & stay there.