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Monday, 8 August 2011

"Syvret Overcomes Corruption & Will Run For Senator!!!"

Cover-up  TV says

No jail for Syvret - but 80hrs community service

Former Health Minister Stuart Syvret has escaped jail for contempt of court, but has been sentenced to 80 hours community service.

He has also been ordered to pay £5,000 in court costs and been fined £1,400.

Earlier today, facing being jailed, he released a statement in the Royal Square outside court saying that he will still stand for Senator even if he goes to prison.

He said: "Jail will not stop me standing for Senator. Only bankruptcy or assassination would stop me."

Syvret had been in court appealing convictions for breaching the data protection act and being in contempt of court.

Last year the former politician was fined for breaking data laws and sentenced to 10 weeks in prison for contempt after walking out of the trial.

But the former Senator served just one night of his sentence before appealing the term.

In court Syvret has said the evidence gathered against him and the manner in which it was collected was an Abuse of Process.

SO, according to Cover-up TV, Stuart Syvret has "escaped jail" REALLY?
These hacks live in cloud cuckoo land with their biased and farcical reporting. Their lack of  professionalism is truly remarkable. They blind themselves to the truth with an ignorance and arrogance that David Rose would be proud of!
What will the next Oligarchy stunt be?
Next on the agenda will be dragging Stuart through the courts to try and bankrupt him so he is not permitted to stand for Senator. The amount of dirt that Stuart has on the oligarchy candidates is mind blowing, and that filth is going to ooze out all over the hustings stage.
"Courage is when you know you are licked before you begin, but you begin anyway, and you see it through to the end, no matter what."


  1. ian stuart has my vote and im sure many many more looking foward to the hustings if they let stuart get that far

  2. He has been found guilty of a crime from blogging Ian. You could be next!

  3. I'll defo be voting for him...god help us if PB gets in......

  4. I could be next? SO!!!

    Data Protection Laws are not laws, they are statutes, and therefore do not apply to men and women. They only apply to birth certificates.

    However, it would be most amusing to see Bridget screaming contempt charges at a piece of paper onboard her Admiralty Ship :)

  5. I think today's appeal being lost hasn't changed anything, the crime has been proven.

  6. I thought you said earlier that he had been jailed?....which is it?

  7. He was jailed, but released pending appeal.

    Today was his appeal and he did not have to return to jail.

  8. got my vote,community service he's been serving the community for years!!

  9. Hi Ian do you know if a fund is being set up to help Stuart towards the cost of posters etc?

  10. Exciting election ahead! people all vote this time, the only way we can change our government is by voting! Stuart has my vote!

  11. Hustings will be a right wheeze thats for sure :)

  12. hi ian, the last thing stuart , and the rest of us needs is for him to be made bankrupt.
    is there anything we can do to help him pay for his legal costs & fines, as anyone else in his position would have got legal aid.

  13. Fun at the hustings ? I'm sure that no-one will bring up the fact that he is a convicted criminal who ran away from those who elected him last time, whilst still claiming his earnings. How many others he is proposing to stand against have that on their CV ?

    Face it Ian, he is doomed, and the fact that he will be beaten by Bailhache will just make it more humiliating. The only thing he will achieve is messing up the election prospects of the other progressives, becuase he won't be able to help himself slagging them off.

  14. He has my vote as well great news that he is standing yours is a good blog can you where possible print political / election news statements from the rag to help those of us who refuse to buy the rag for information !!

  15. Jailing SS I do not think was ever on the cards, the publicity would have been tremendous, and the powers that be care more about image than anything.
    He will definately get my vote.

  16. Got my vote and my money if he needs it

  17. He gets my vote.

  18. Speaking to normally "not interested in election", people today.

    These people who weren't going to bother voting, are now interested and will now be voting....

    For Syvret!