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Thursday, 18 August 2011

"Sunny Jersey - Suicide Capital"

"Another Man Hangs Himself In Jersey"

R.I.P Anon

It is alleged that another man hung himself in St Peter's on Sunday afternoon, last. He went for a few drinks with some close friends then just walked off and hung himself!!!

I have been given a name for the man concerned but have been asked not to publish it.

Again, NO reporting from any of Jersey's discredited media.


  1. i know this man concerned but was it in our local rag on monday,or was it reported on the local news NO!but the end of the day who cares eh he was only a human being !fkn scumbags wake up and see whats going on !

  2. Sunday afternoon also?
    News like this would tarnish Jersey's reputation,
    Another human being, who cares.
    This is tragic.

  3. Thanks for help, Ian.A lad I know hung himself a couple of weeks ago. He had been hearing voices. Very sad. RIP.

  4. In October last year a man committed suicide by jumping from the tenth floor of la collette flats on green street. The police were there for almost an hour trying in vain to talk the man down.There were lots of spectators including small children witnessing this tragedy.
    The Jersey Evening Post reported in a small column in one of the inside pages and I quote "a man died suddenly yesterday in Green Street, police are investigating"
    End of subject.

  5. Jacques ChartierAugust 18, 2011 10:43 pm

    My friend Mal Fossey was intelligent and could turn his hand to most building trades. About a year ago after several suicide attempts he jumped off Hue Court flats. In my opinion he was let down by the system. That said his gp was very understanding and decent. He left behind an ex wife and three wonderful children. I miss my friend.

  6. We all die Jacques, some for the right reasons, some for the wrong ones. But death comes to us all.

    If we can live with the good memories, we are not, so much, left wanting or needing....

  7. R.I.P ALL victims of Jersey Government's cuts and budgets....


  8. i now know that this person who hung himself had hiv but as per the jersey was was given no help at all

  9. Please can we stay with the facts. The man hung himself on August 4th. Notices have been put in the rag therefore no secret about this mans identity. I think respect should be shown to friends and family. This is not the time for gossip.

  10. I feel I must point out that the media are well versed in using tragedy to their advantage as well as using family members.

    In many cases i have heard the words show some respect for the family and that is right however many a true story gets lost in that respect only to come out years later when it is hard to prove or some persons idea of what reasonably informed about a crime was and how your out of time to prosecute.

  11. It is unbeleivable the amount of people that take their own lifes in this small Island
    There is a reason for it, there are some people in authority who are largely the cause of it, and I hate myself for saying this, but I could gladly fucking hang them myself, you cannot help the way you feel, can you?

  12. I will wager that in most cases, Jersey greed, oppression, or incompetence, has played a starring role.