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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

"The 'State' Of Jersey - Awash With Corruption"

"Fourteen Years On, And Still No Justice"
"Bay-leaf Michael Birt Still Trying To Suppress Police Investigation Report"

Fourteen years ago, whilst wrongfully imprisoned for a crime I had not committed, I discovered that statements had been doctored by police, a tape recording had been doctored by police, and my trial tapes had been doctored By the Judicial Greffe of the Royal Court before being sent to the mainland for transcription.
Jersey's Bailiff, Michael Birt, then Attorney General, has always denied me access to the Avon & Somerset Police Report compiled about my case. I now have a legal aid Lawyer whom the Jersey Police are still refusing to furnish with a copy of the report, although they admitted that it is in their possession. My Lawyer has been trying for five or six months to gain access to the report, yet our totally corrupt authorities are even denying my Lawyer access to it. I took it upon myself last week, to ring the Avon & Somerset Police to enquire about obtaining a copy, as I had previously been told I could not have one. I was told that the Avon & Somerset Police no longer had the report. I was also inadvertently told that the Jersey Police have now had a "FLOOD"!!!
Ironically, I had previously warned my Advocate of the severe risk of sudden flooding, or fires, at the police station!!! Or, that the report would be rewritten. Oh how I chuckled over the telephone that day!!!
You can read this story at the green link directly below.

"Five Years On, And still No Justice"

Some of you may remember the posting I did a while back about my complaints to new Chief Officer Mike Bowron, on the 26th May 2011. I can now inform you that "NO ACTION" has been taken to date, and that I have had to resubmit my complaints and start all over again this afternoon!!!
The original posting can be read directly below on the green link.

I now share with you my fresh letters of complaint, and those to whom they are directed.

"Make No Mistake - Jersey Is Awash With Corruption"

Letter from Deputy Jackie Hilton

My response to Deputy Hilton

Deputy J Hilton
Home Affairs Department
11 Royal Square

Dear Deputy Hilton

Thank you for your letter of 3rd August 2011. As you are aware I made complaints of criminality to Chief Officer Bowron, in my view it is he who should be dealing with matters. I cannot make complaints to the Bailiff as he is wholly conflicted in relation to another case of mine, and it is not for me to determine who investigates my complaints.
I understand that you are only to deal with my complaint against Barry Taylor, what of my complaints against the four officers who beat me and subsequently perjured themselves at my trial? Have these been abandoned by the police?
My complaints against David Warcup, William Bailhache and Ian Le Marquand were made nearly two years ago, what of those? Apart from Le Marquand whitewashing my complaint against Warcup, I have heard nothing!
I think it is quite clear that I am being given the run-around, and that no one wants to look into these matters but preferring to pass the buck. What I now propose to do is to reissue my complaints to Mr Bowron, and in as simpler terms as possible to avoid any confusion of the issues.
If this rather ridiculous state of affairs cannot be addressed within Jersey, I will take it out of Jersey. The overt criminality of this Government and its law enforcement is beyond comprehension.

Yours sincerely

Ian Evans
Now follows, my letter to the Attorney General of Jersey after I had requested his permission to take out a private prosecution on the four police officers.

Attorney General
Morier House
Halkett Place, St Helier

On the public record, in accordance with your oath of office, without fear or favour,
And on your full commercial liability.

Dear Attorney General

Thank you for your letter dated the 16th August 2011.
You state that “There is no such ability in Jersey law” when talking about myself taking forward a private criminal prosecution in Jersey against the four police officers who beat me needlessly, and then went on to perjure themselves at my trial.
The evidence for their crimes is clearly documented and was shown at trial, and appeal. I have enclosed a cd/dvd with all the relevant evidence pertaining to this case, and for your perusal.
The outstanding issues are these, that police officers pc A Du feu, wpc L Lang, pc S A Le Bas, and pc R McIntosh needlessly beat me then went on to make false statements and then perjure themselves at trial. Since these crimes, the four above named officers have escaped punishment due to matters being covered up by the trial judge I Le Marquand.
These matters were further covered up by D Warcup, I Le Marquand, and W Bailhache after complaints were lodged. Finally, at appeal, these matters were again swept under the carpet by my appeal judges, Commissioner Francis Hamon, and Jurats Bullen and Morgan.
There have so far, been three police investigations into my complaints concerning this matter, yet no one in authority in Jersey is able to read the transcript or hear the audio of these crimes committed against me?
After the third investigation by ex policemen from the UK, DCO Barry Taylor stated there was no new evidence, yet refuses to hand over a copy of the two ex policemen’s investigation report?
I know there was no new evidence, my complaint was that the available evidence was simply ignored by all of the Jersey Authorities who were party to this case.
I Le Marquand, as Home Affairs Minister, covered up my complaints against D Warcup, and I have heard nothing of my complaints against I Le Marquand and W Bailhache which were instigated nearly two years ago!
I complained to Chief Officer Bowron about these matters of criminality, and that DCO B Taylor had perverted the course of justice and was guilty of dereliction of duty, as was everyone else apart from the original four officers. Mr Bowron advised me that my complaints had been sent to the Home Affairs Department for “action as necessary”. In effect, Mr Bowron has sent my complaints to one of the leading criminals in this case, I Le Marquand.
In Law, there must always be a remedy, my remedy is being denied me, I ask you to act under your sworn oath of office and I charge you with providing the remedy due to me as a man with full inalienable rights on this land.

I look forward to a positive response from your good self at your earliest possible convenience.

Yours sincerely

Ian-Evans:  ©
All rights reserved

M Bowron – Deputy J Hilton

Following this, and to finish, my revisited complaints to our new
Chief of Police, Mike Bowron.

Mr Mike Bowron
Chief Police Officer, SoJP
Police Headquarters
Rouge Bouillon, St Helier
23rd August 2011

On the public record, in accordance with your oath of office, without fear or favour,
And on your full commercial liability.

Dear Mr Bowron
It is my knowledge that you swore an oath of office as a policeman, I acknowledge that oath of office, and accept it.
Since my letter to you of the 26th May 2011, nothing has changed or progressed with regard to my complaints therein. Having waited some ten weeks for Deputy J Hilton to address matters, I feel rather let down, and that the issues are being evaded.
Deputy Hilton now informs me that she is unable to deal with any of the complaints except perhaps, the complaint against DCO Barry Taylor. I find this rather extraordinary, and akin to asking someone who has never picked up a firearm before, to go out and win Bisley! I have enclosed the correspondence between myself and Deputy Hilton, and my letter to the A.G for your perusal.
My complaints, which being of a criminal nature, one would expect to be investigated by someone with at least some experience in crime detection, especially in light of the Government positions held by such criminals.
I am hereby reporting to you, my criminal complaints against the following people.
For grave and criminal assault, perverting the course of justice, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, knowingly making a false statement, and perjury.
Police officer - A Du Feu
Police Officer – S A Le Bas
Police Officer – R McIntosh
Police Officer – L Lang
For perverting the course of justice, misconduct in public office, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, and dereliction of duty.
Police Officer - D Warcup
Police Officer - B Taylor
Judge/Home Affairs Minister - I Le Marquand – two counts of each charge
Judge/Deputy Bailiff - W Bailhache
Commissioner F Hamon
Jurat Bullen
Jurat Morgan
I would further add that, contrary to Deputy Hilton’s belief that I should direct my complaints against the judges, jurats and commissioner to the bailiff, Michael Birt. I would stress that M Birt is also heavily conflicted in matters from another case.
As matters stand, it appears that no one within the Jersey Justice System holds the merit of independence and impartiality that this case warrants. As a consequence, I would ask you that the UK Justice Secretary be notified of these matters and appoints an independent UK Police Force to investigate these criminal complaints.
In Law, there must always be a remedy, my remedy is being denied me, I ask you to act under your sworn oath of office and I charge you with providing the remedy due to me as a man with full inalienable rights on this land.
Sincerely, and without ill will, vexation or frivolity

Ian-Evans:   ©
All Rights Reserved
Attorney General – Deputy J Hilton

Can anyone on the world wide web tell me exactly what we have to do to get some justice on this crappy bent Island?


  1. Jacques ChartierAugust 23, 2011 7:53 pm

    Hello Ian, although a paper copy of the Avon and Somerset report may no longer exist, I would presume that a copy would still exist in digital or microfiche format. They are taking the piss mate.

  2. Oh, indeed they are, but what I told my lawyer is previously documented.

    And as they have not notified my lawyer of the "FLOOD" yet, they are going to look pretty damn stupid.

    as the saying goes,

    "Who Didn't See That Comming!!!"

  3. We have also filed for a electronic copy :)

  4. Jacques ChartierAugust 23, 2011 8:24 pm

    On another matter, the States of Jersey seem to be pulling out all the stops with regard to the recent tragic murders, as indeed they should do. Playing devils advocate, I would say that this is because once again it's all about Jerseys image. Have the victims of the historic child abuse ever been offered counseling?

  5. You would have to ask Carrie on that one, but my guess would be NO.

  6. This backs up everything that Stuart Syvret has been saying all these years. It is quite dreadful to see that it is still going on in Jersey.

  7. I salute your bravery and good luck

  8. Thank you Anon, I am grateful for your support. It is a nice change from being called a nut or a rapist. But I know who that was and he only lives 80 yards away :)

  9. From my own experience, I would not advise any of the Jersey abuse survivors to submit to any councelling sessions provided by the State of Jersey, or from any body that has any associations to any Government departmet or accepts any Government funding. The chances are, those "councellors" would have been brainwashed with Ralph Underwager's dodgy teachings on False Memory Syndrome, or NLP or some other brainwashing pro paedophile scam.

  10. Sir Philip Bailhache, former Bailiff of Jersey admitting that he made the law up

  11. Surpress? Suppress.

  12. Ta! furgooted me peiel chequr!

  13. Didn't know Jon lived that close to you. I can't believe that someone can call you a rapist. Just remember that the pen is mightier than the sword.

  14. Oh, it wasn't Jonny nonsense, not this time, this was a convicted paedophile :)

    Who for some reason, managed to escape jail recently!

  15. ian keep up the fight it must all come to an end soon they cant keep going on as they have,good luck

  16. Thanks for your support Martin, I am grateful.

  17. Ian, you are really up against it, this place is no better than a fucking Banana Rebublic, they make their own laws, lie to their back teeth, throw buckets of whitewash over everything, how in fuck`s name can these entirely despicable, detestable, despisable people get away with what they do?
    Is there any possibility you could get Europe to assist, or is that out of the question?

  18. As they have not had me assassinated yet, nothing is out of the question. I have made plans some months ago with knowlegable people in England, but have not quite exhausted all options in Jersey yet.

    One way or another though, these four stinking corrupt cowards will not remain in the Jersey Police Force :)