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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

"Shona Pitman's Great Idea Just Won't Work!"

To raise or not to raise

St Helier Deputy Shona Pitman wants to freeze States members allowances.

From next year it has being suggested they get an extra £350, bringing their annual allowance up to £4,000.

Instead Deputy Pitman thinks members should make savings by sharing office space.

She is asking the States to investigate how this could be done.
What do you think?
Great idea Shona, but you forgot just one thing....

Who is going to share an office with this guy???

"SEAN POWER-Email Thief"


  1. hahaha haha excellent


  2. Hide your personal correspondence!

  3. Great illustration, stole a document, e-mailed it, no charges either for theft or Data Protection violation.
    Speaks volumes!

  4. Jesus, when everyone else is expected to tighten their belts along comes the government wanting to increase allowances. I suppose that will look good if they accept a low or no payrise, except it wont matter as their bloody allowances go up instead!

    As for that dirty piece of work Sean Power and his double standards I will say one sentance. C U Next Tuesday.