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Monday, 29 August 2011

"Service To Remember Liga Verse"

A special service has been held in Guernsey's Town Church to remember the life of Liga Verse.

The 24 year old Latvian was found dead in her flat in the Bordage on Saturday 20th August. Guernsey Police are still investigating her death, which they are treating as suspicious.

The Town Church cancelled their usual Sunday evening service to hold a special ceremony in both English and Latvian.

The service was to celebrate the life of Liga Verse and to express sympathy with her family.

Liga's family have been in the island but returned to Latvia on the day of the church service, which they said they were sorry to miss. They have decided to have her body cremated in Guernsey, and will then repatriate her ashes.

A collection was held at the end of the service which will go towards helping with her family's costs.

The service was held by the Associate Priest at the Town Church, Father John Luff. He said, "We've had many people thanking us as they've been leaving the church this evening and I hope that they will take something away with them from this service, something that they can hold on to. It is at times like this that although we live in a very secular world now, that the spiritual dimension comes to the fore - and people do realise that there's more to life."

The service was organised by Lilita Kruze, President of the Guernsey Latvian Association. She explained the community's reasons for wanting the memorial service, "We wanted to keep Liga in our memories and to celebrate Liga's life. Being foreigners this island sometimes is not easy and to remember everybody there is very important."

During Father Luff's address the congregation was told not to judge Liga's life by the way it ended - how that happened is something they still don't know, but it is hoped the service will help while they wait for answers.

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