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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

"The Same Trite Trash From Maclean"

New plan to boost economy

THE message that Jersey is well and truly ‘open for business’ is at the heart of a new economic growth strategy for Jersey.
Economic Development Minister Alan Maclean unveiled his plans yesterday and said that the new proposals were designed to cut bureaucracy, improve workforce skills and make it easier for employers to create jobs.
Among the highlights are new bodies to support internal businesses, export initiatives and the tourism industry.
Senator Maclean said that the key objectives of the draft strategy were to deliver a balanced and diversified economy that provides job opportunities for all.


  1. You can be sure that anything which helps businesses and cuts red tape will mean a further erosion of workers' conditions and rights.

    This is just more of the same old neo-liberal Thatcherite scheme to silence the plebs and make us grateful for the crumbs from the table of empty-headed corporate drones, like that carpet-bagger in the photo (can't be bothered to write his name).

  2. If a thought came into his head, it would die of loneliness!