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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

"Jersey Murders - Update On Sundays Tragedy"

A Sad Combination Of Events

More details are emerging about the lives of the six people stabbed to death in St Helier.

Today it has been revealed that Marta de la Haye, who died alongside her daughter in the attacks, was on police bail after attacking her husband. It is believed that she was staying with the Rzeszowski family at the time of the killings.

Father Damian Rzeszowski, 30, is suspected of knifing to death his wife Izabela, 30, young daughter Kinga and toddler son Kacper, along with Izabela's father Marek Garstki, 55, and Izabela's best friend Marta, 34, and her daughter Julia De La Haye, five.

The Post Mortem on Izabela's father has revealed that he died of multiple stab wounds.

A fuller picture of the families slaughtered in a frenzied knife attack in Jersey is emerging.

Father Damian Rzeszowski, 30, is suspected of knifing to death his wife Izabela, 30, young daughter Kinga and toddler son Kacper, along with Izabela's father Marek Garstki, 55, and Izabela's best friend Marta De La Haye, 34, and her daughter Julia De La Haye, five.

Police are trying to piece together what caused such a brutal eruption of violence in a tranquil St Helier crescent at what is believed to have been a family barbecue.

Police have ruled out reports that Izabela was pregnant - rumoured to be by another man - confirming that a Post Mortem showed she was not pregnant. Police also revealed that she died of multiple stab wounds.

On Tuesday, an ambulance arrived at the flat and picked up the final two bodies, which were transported to the hospital.

Eyewitnesses have described the knife attack in Victoria Crescent - off Upper Midvale Road, in St Helier - at just after 3pm on Sunday afternoon, as "a bloodbath".

Troubled lives behind a family tragedy

MASS murder suspect Damian Rzeszowski had just lost his life savings in a failed property investment and had struggled with marital problems, it has been claimed.As the background to Sunday’s six bloody killings at Victoria Crescent becomes clearer, it has now also emerged that one of the victims – Marta de la Haye – had appeared in the Magistrate’s Court earlier this month charged with attacking her husband Craig and a female police officer.
And speaking from the family’s home town in Poland, the brother of Izabela Rzeszowska (30), who was also killed on Sunday along with her children Kinga (6), Kacper (1), her father Marek Garstki (55) and Marta’s daughter Julia (6), said that his family were in ‘total shock’.
His mother, who lost her husband, daughter and two grandchildren in the attack, has been rushed to hospital on Poland and is now under psychiatric care.
A Polish embassy official is expected to fly to Jersey on Thursday and is due to attend a special service at St Thomas’ on Thursday evening.

Murder victim was due in court for alleged attack on husband
MURDERED Marta de la Haye was arrested after attacking her husband and two police officers six days before she was killed.
The Polish mother, who was stabbed to death at Victoria Crescent with her five-year-old daughter, Julia, on Sunday, was due back in the Magistrate’s Court next week to face charges for four offences. She was accused of assaulting her husband, Craig de la Haye (37), assaulting a female police officer, committing grave and criminal assault on a male police officer and violently resisting arrest – all at her family home in Carlton Apartments, Havre des Pas, on Monday 8 August.
Mrs de la Haye (34), a healthcare assistant at St Saviour’s Hospital, was formally charged with the four offences in the Magistrate’s Court the day after the alleged attacks took place.

A brother’s devastation

THE brother of murdered mother-of-two Izabela Rzeszowska has described his devastation after losing four members of his family in Sunday’s deadly knife attack at Victoria Crescent.
Krzysztof Garstki’s older sister and her two young children, Kinga (6) and 18-month-old Kacper, were killed, as was his 55-year-old father, Marek Garstki, when a man armed with a knife went on a killing spree at their St Helier flat. That man is alleged to be Mrs Rzeszowska’s 30-year-old husband and father of her children Damian, who is now in police custody in hospital after reportedly stabbing himself following the incident on Sunday.
Speaking from the family home in Bydgoszcz, Poland, Mr Garstki (26) told the JEP that his sister and her husband had recently visited and had seemed in good spirits.
‘Our family is totally in shock,’ he said, adding that he would be travelling to Jersey today. ‘We still do not believe what has happened. My mother is in a really poor condition and is seeing a psychiatrist. The situation is beyond her. My sister did not say there was anything wrong when they visited us in Poland in the last few days. They did not even show that there was something wrong between them.’
Adding that the couple had met eight years ago in Mrs Rzeszowska’s home town and were planning to return to Poland in the future, he said: ‘They were saving money to build a house. They did not know where yet, but I don’t think it would have been in either of their home towns.


  1. Marta was arrested for assaulting a female police officer and committing a grave and criminal assault on a male police officer, as usual, there are two sides to every story and this poor lady isn't here to defend herself. If a woman of her slim build had committed these crimes, it's a sad day for the public who think the police are there to protect them and expect them to be able to defend them in times of need, because I thought the police were trained to arrest someone who was resisting arrest, throw some handcuffs on them and throw them into the back of their police van... And yet with two against one, Marta still managed to commit these crimes on two police officers? I think the police officers are in the wrong job....