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Saturday, 13 August 2011

"A Little Something To Get You Thinking - Wakey Wakey Sheeple"

The Story Of Your Enslavement


  1. Exactly how I have come to view society. You can either keep the farm animals docile and content or living in fear whilst you squirrel away the fruits of their labour - i.e. profits and taxes.

    All one has to do is to think of the various types of "brain numbing" media. A local example of this is\was the BBC radio phone in. Got any stories of the war or evacuation? But woe betide if you wish to discuss the HDLG child abuse. Neil McM. is a shining example of how he fought through the censorship there.

    From a wider perspective, how many of these talent(less) shows are there on TV now? Whip up the mass hysteria of the sheeple (sorry, but that is the best word that comes to one's mind at the moment) using the other forms of compliant media that need a slot to fill, and before you know it, you have people in their droves, watching and discussing nothing else but some dance troop who do a couple of backwards rolls to music. And the icing on the cake is that the sheeple are then financially mugged via their own mobile phones as they vote for their selected act.... who invariably disappear into obscurity with 3 years - and on occasions, within a year. You have to admit it that this is a very impressive form of capitalism.

    Historically, why do you think that when countries go to war that one of the first objectives were the media outlets (TV stations, radio etc)? I appreciate that the internet has changed that to a certain degree but one still needs the infrastructure to get the message out. Wasn't Radio Germany under the control of the CIA after WWII?

    As mentioned in the film, getting people on board to a perceived threat is also a good way to ensure that they are blinkered from the truth around them. This is not a new philosophy. Back in the 1900's when there was a perceived threat of invasion from France, Lord Palmerston had forts built along the South Coast of England. These quickly became known as the Palmerston Follies. France was no longer a threat to the UK as it had it's own ills to sort out. But it is was a great motivator for the British people.

    In more recent times, we can look at the East\West divide in Europe. I don't think for one moment that the USSR would have got very far it were to have intentions of invading via Norway and Germany. It just didn't have the technology or internal infrastructure to do it. I "fought" the Cold War and was privvy to some highly classified documentation that allows me to say that with a bit of authority. Sorry if I sound as though I'm a bit high and mighty - I am most certainly not. But the Cold War was a great opportunity to make a lot of money from the defence industry and keep the people busy and thus away from the truth.

    Religion is another one. Define people as a single religion and they can become manipulated. This is so well known that computer programmers incorporate this into their civilisation style games. To create an efficient new people, one based around a religion that binds them together ends up doing rather well.

    Has anyone else noticed that the recent "Arab Spring" activities occur after Friday prayers. And what have the Imans been saying to their congregations? But more importantly, who has been talking to the Imans in the first place? Well, it is on record that George Soros has an involvement, but that is a subject for another day.

    Being efficient means being more productive. And being more productive means more GDP, which means more money to the "farmer".

    As we, as a people, have our eyes opened by the internet, there are forces at work who wish to curtail this freedom of access to information. There must be some rather nervous people out here. I can see further controls being placed on the internet with the USA and Australia being two Western countries that immediately come to mind.

    Cynical? Moi? I don't think that one can be cynical enough when it comes to business and politics.

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