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Thursday, 11 August 2011

"A Letter Of Damning Hypocrisy"

We have lost sight of the rights of victims. WE???

The Very Rev Bob Key, Dean of Jersey.

EVIL is evil. The behaviour of the rioters and looters on the streets of the great cities and towns of England is just that – evil. It’s not excusable, justified or to be explained away with sociological platitudes. Scripturally, evil is to be resisted and, as St Paul makes clear, that is what the authority of the state is for.

It is, of course, entirely right to say that consumerism, when taken to excess, idolises things. When coupled with the fairyland existence of borrowing to finance an unaffordable lifestyle that we have indulged in throughout the last 20 years it leads to a society that is morally, as well as economically, on the brink of disaster.

However, that does not excuse the behaviour we have seen in the last few nights. It is, quite simply, opportunistic criminality and must be resisted, countered and quelled by whatever means are necessary.
We have become far too concerned with the supposed rights of the perpetrators of criminal acts and have lost sight of the rights of the victims. I am far more concerned with the rights of the furniture store owner that saw 140 years of family tradition go up in flames than whether young men engaged in looting and petrol bombing get a soaking from a water cannon or a few bruises from robust policing.

Poverty doesn’t steal, riot, loot or burn. People do that. I grew up in working class South London. Brixton and Croydon were our local shopping centres. We didn’t steal to get what we wanted, we saved for it. We didn’t think the world owed us a living, we worked hard, academically and practically, to improve our lives.

This does give us pause to reflect on the Christian values so many opinion formers in the UK have thrown away in recent years. We are greatly impoverished when we disregard the Maker’s instructions.
The police, here and in the UK, deserve and require our support and as a society we need to make sure the streets are safe for all of us to enjoy and are never allowed to become the playground of lawless thugs.


  1. Off topic, sorry. You did some posts about the lad Nathanial who had his cheek bitten by a deranged lunatic. Would you mind letting me know where the final blog was on the subject, dont need to have a link just month and blog header is enough.

    Thanks very much.

  2. Anon, thank you for your interest.

    We are still working on the final blog in regard to Nathanial's case as matters are not yet concluded.

    This case should be concluded by the end of the month :)

  3. What has The Very Rev Bob Key, Dean of Jersey ever done for the child abuse victims when has he ever spoken out against the jersey abuse?

  4. Ian, re Nathanial case thanks for letting me know, I thought I had missed it. Appreciate the update, Ta.

  5. The first question the world asked about Haut de la Garenne was where the clergy was. You don't have to be a religious person, just a student of theological history, to ask what Jesus would do in Jersey. He would always be with the oppressed and the victims of child abuse. What would he say to the hypocrite who wrote this letter? I think he might suggest the letter writer should comfort the extraordinary number of abuse victims in Jersey and speak out on their behalf, against their "polite and privileged" power still used to conceal the rape of the innocent.

  6. Bob is actually very pleasant and helpful in person, but the problem is, he's very much the kind of Good Chap who wants to get on with everybody, move in social circles and not ruffle any feathers. So we all know what that means - putting Politeness before Justice - same old problem Stuart and the rest of us suffer from.

  7. So what your saying is Bob is a sycophant a toady, yes man, flunky, fawner, flatterer.

  8. The police, here and in the UK, deserve and require our support. The Police are corrupt, have always been corrupt, set by the rich to keep the poor created by the rich form just taking what they want ed just like the rich did to get what they have. the rich use 100 time the resource of a poor person or family.

    I believe it was set to get worse but enough was allowed so as to get the worst of offenders off the streets before the olympics.

    Next year it will happen again I think, but this time it will be much bigger.

    Evil isan excuse just like god, the devil or any other blame word used to negate true blame and responsibility.

    All church men from every religion are false peddelers of lies while being some of the worst humanity has created themselves.

  9. Anon

    I do not think it fair that every church minister, vicar, etc is tarred with the same brush, this is just not the case.

    Father Cousins, who used to come up to the prison in Jersey, was a good and decent man who cared very much about those in jail, and tried to help where he could. But, in this vile regime in Jersey, even father Cousins had a point that he would not go beyond when challenging the system in this island.

    Therein lies the problem....

  10. "Even father Cousins had a point that he would not go beyond when challenging the system in this island.


  11. So what your appear to be saying is even the good one's are bad, which was my point.

  12. Some people are stronger than others, because some are that way, it does not make them inherently bad people, they just lack what is required of them by some.

    Father Cousins WAS a decent guy....

  13. Any person who is demonstratively part of the solution is part of the problem as you can't just help a little bit or help when its politically convenient or in-convenient

  14. Father Cousins V's William Bailhache

    Whould you say they are equally bad people?

  15. Decent guy? Decent guys don't stand by while children and vulnerable people are abused and yes he may well have been a mild mannered chap and a decent guy to many however if your an atheist who does not believe in god and if a persons faith in what they believe in can so easily be shattered then it was not faith.

    "Men never commit evil so fully and joyfully as when they do it for religious convictions."

  16. "Repay injury with justice and forgiveness, always with forgiveness."

  17. The Dean is a F.....disgrace lives in a mansion paid for by the tax payer fed and watered at social function's and has not publicly come to the aid of HDLG victims absolute SCUM I have more Christianity in my little finger than this creep so angry he is disgusting if there is a heaven and a hell he will certainly rot in the furnace.

  18. No i would not, but then again its not about point scoring is it its about who is not what they say they are or pretend to be in order to fit into the world.

    If a man of god was going to prison and cared about people in prison then he would not truck with those who were responsible for the many injustices that have happened in Jersey.

    Those in power in jersey may well be all powerful and if this man, clergy was a good man he would have done his best and he would have taken the requisite strength from his god to do what was just and right.

    It's only an opinion and there is a whole climate of opinions and all are felt to be right and wrong depending on the individual asking, listning and making his point (opinion heard)

  19. I do agree with you anon to a very large degree, and I am also aware of just what it takes to fight against the scum in Jersey's Government, it is not for the faint hearted....

  20. So you forgive those who have commited injustices against you? So why the blog if you have forgiven them?

  21. I read your blog and it is one of the best in Jersey for the wake-up and smell the coffee. I just don't get on with the so called religions.

    "We must question the story logic of having an all-knowing all-powerful God, who creates faulty Humans, and then blames them for his own mistakes."

    Gene Roddenberry

    Live long and prosper.

  22. If I cannot forgive them, it eats away at me, and they have won as it is I who will eventually be destroyed.

    I do not seek vengeance through my blogs, only justice.

    "Vengeance is a water vessel with a hole. It carries nothing but the promise of emptiness."

  23. Any man who purports himself to be a good man of god continues with deeds of his words and if he is to weak willed to fight his corner effectively then get out of the corner as he makes things worse.

  24. "Vengeance is a water vessel with a hole. It carries nothing but the promise of emptiness."

    Fair do's and touché mon brave

  25. "As St Paul makes clear, that is what the authority of the state is for.

    It is also what Jesus trashed in the temple of the authority.

  26. 'So what your saying is Bob is a sycophant a toady, yes man, flunky, fawner, flatterer'

    Well if no-one else will say it, I will - YES!

    I would love to meet this man face to face and confront him with his religious/political views.

    Jesus said 'Suffer the little children to come unto me'


    Let the children come unto me and suffer.