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Monday, 1 August 2011

"Le Marquand Can't Put Up - So Just Shut Up!!!"

Ian Le Marquand spends his entire time accusing others of wrongdoing, when he himself is an evidenced criminal and cover-up merchant.
Want to see the face of a real criminal Mr Le Marquand?

"Go Look In The Mirror"


  1. Ian.

    Just like CTV the JEP is only relaying a fraction of what Mr. Harper wrote to Ian Le Marquand and sent to All Island media, a few Bloggers and a couple of States Members.

    I've heard a whisper that the e-mail will be published UN-REDACTED on the internet in the next day or so, this will yet again, show the Blogging world how our State Controlled Media keep the Jersey public in the dark.

  2. I reckon Ian Le Marquand needs to read his Bible more, he's got the moral standards of a gangster. Dreadful man.


  3. There's nothing worse than a so-called 'Christian' who simply doesn't get the point, and ends up a massive hypocrite and ignorant fool.

    I think if Jesus Himself returned to Earth He'd rather spend some time with Lenny, Graham and Stuart than any of our establishment politicians :)

  4. Yet again no comment section on thisisjersey on Charles le Quesne going bust.No mention of how many people have been laid off,just some crap reporting on some States project not being finished.There must have been substantial layoffs,why not report it?