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Saturday, 13 August 2011

"Kyran Bracken - Freeman On The Land???"

‘Tell me what law I’ve broken,’ says Bracken 

Amy’s House, next to the St Catherine lifeboat station,
was sold by the States in 2003

Former rugby international  Kyran Bracken says he is ‘extremely angry and frustrated’ after learning that the States are taking him to court over a wall between his new house and a public car park.
But he says that at least he might finally get an answer to the question he has been repeatedly asking States lawyers over 18 months of negotiations: ‘Exactly what law do you think I’ve broken?’
Speaking after learning through the JEP that he was being taken to court over work on Amy’s House next to St Catherine’s lifeboat station, the member of England’s World Cup winning squad and winner of ITV’s Dancing on Ice programme said that he welcomed the prospect of finally getting a straight answer out of the States.


  1. "Speaking after learning through the JEP that he was being taken to court."

    That is soooooo Jersey!!!

  2. Any Law they like Kyran, the second you agree that you are a "person" !!!

  3. What a crazy situation. Since he is very well known and can put a public face on this legal harassment, the States will probably back down from fear of looking even stupider than they already do. But then, maybe someone in the States has something against him personally?

    At least he didn't forget to update his drivers license, or try to expose a serial murderer, still on the loose. Then he could face an armed SWAT Team, warrantless dawn raid, property seizure and then jail. Afterwards, he would be called a criminal in letters gleefully published by the JEP.

  4. Sounds like Keiran has been reading your freeman blog Ian

  5. Let's hope he gives me a ring hey?

  6. Why did you delete my rules-is-rules comment?

  7. I didn't, it's on the blog from yesterday, wakey wakey!!!

  8. Ooops, I comment on blogs too much, LOL