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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

"Jersey's Tax Paying 'MUGS' Get Stiffed Again" serves you right!!!

Taxpayer could lose £8m over Lime Grove fiasco

The offices in Green Street which have been bought by a finance firm

THE collapse of a deal to move the police station to Green Street will cost the taxpayer up to £8 million, the Home Affairs Minister said yesterday.
In evidence to a States Scrutiny panel, Senator Le Marquand laid blame for the fiasco squarely at the door of Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf, his department and deputy States chief executive John Richardson.
The Home Affairs Minister revealed that the Treasury had delayed the signing of the deal to buy the Lime Grove building to try to save £200,000, but that this was likely to end up costing the taxpayer up to 40 times that figure.
Senator Le Marquand said that the deal to move the police station to Green Street was almost sealed when the Treasury department stepped in and effectively killed it through delays and attempted renegotiations.

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  1. Our previous Treasury Minister cost this Island many millions by failing to set the rate when purchasing the Incinator.
    Our current Treasury Minister Senator Ozouf, (assuming these allegations are true), should resign immediately, the mismanagement on this Island is beyond belief.
    These people are not capable of running a two-pan s**t house!