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Monday, 15 August 2011

"Jersey killings - 3 Young Children Caught Up In The Slaughter"

Knife attack "frenzied bloodbath"

THE Island was in shock today after six people – including three children – were stabbed to death in the most horrific atrocity in Jersey in living memory.
Shortly before 3 pm yesterday neighbours in the quiet residential street of Upper Midvale Road reported hearing screams in what appeared to be a domestic dispute.
Less than three hours later, six people were confirmed dead and the suspect was under police guard in hospital after undergoing emergency surgery.
Those who died were from two different families, the police have revealed. Four of the dead – two adults and two children – were from a Polish family. An adult and a child also killed in the attack in the flat in Victoria Crescent were from a Jersey family, police confirmed this morning.
The identities of the dead are not likely to be released until later this week, but a police spokeswoman has confirmed that the children were aged six or under.
Today, Islanders were coming to terms with the killings – the first murders in Jersey for seven years – as police, paramedics and hospital staff were themselves offered counselling to deal with trauma of what they saw.

Eyewitnesses have described a knife attack in which six people were slaughtered in Jersey as "a bloodbath" and "a frenzied attack".

It is believed a man killed his wife and two children, her father and another woman and her child at a flat in Victoria Crescent, off Upper Midvale Road, in St Helier, at just after 3pm yesterday afternoon.

Heroic neighbours have described coming face to face with a man who repeatedly stabbed his own chest after butchering one of the victims.

The attacker, a 30-year-old man, is in police custody in Jersey Hospital where he has undergone surgery for stab wounds and is in a stable condition.

He is believed to be the father of two of the children and the husband of one of the women.

Bryan Ogesa said: "The man was coming towards us stabbing his chest. At that point I grabbed a traffic cone and just shouted get away from us."

Eye witness John Manning said he heard screams coming from the house in St Helier

Bryan, who lives next door to the victims, explained he and two friends heard screams and came out to help.

He said: "There was a girl lying in a pool of blood and we were trying to save her. Then we noticed a man chasing another woman and punching her - but then we realised that he had a knife and he wasn't punching, he was stabbing."

Police have not released the identities of those who have died but it has been confirmed they are from two families - one Polish and one from Jersey.

They are believed to be the wife of the murderer, their two children and her father. A family friend and her young child were also understood to be among the victims.

Neighbour John Manning described hearing screams coming from the house.

He said: "I'd been doing the garden and my father was sitting just here and we heard these children scream and it wasn't a playful scream, it was a really horrific scream - and he said what on earth is going on, what's that, and it's kids screaming.

"And I went out the front door and thought they may be in the road and doing some damage. And their was nobody there at all. Then ten minutes later they were everywhere with dogs and they came in here and wanted to have a look at the gardens. So it was only then that we knew something bad had happened, but we still didn't know what it was and obviously know now that scream was a scream of terror."

Supt Stewart Gull, Head of Crime, said police were alerted to the incident after a member of the public reported people injured from 'a knife or knives'.

Armed police and forensic officers have been at the scene and nearby residents were sent to the Town Hall for the night. Eight people stayed at a local old people's home.

Victoria Crescent is still sealed off.

Jersey Police press conference

The Emergency Department at the General Hospital was closed for more than two hours for what they called a 'major incident'. It has now reopened.

Jersey police are appealing for people to call them with information on 01534 612612.

Jersey Chief Minister, Senator Terry Le Sueur, has issued the following statement in response to the deaths.

He said: “I was deeply saddened and shocked by yesterday’s tragic events and I would like to extend my sincerest condolences to the friends and relatives of those involved.

“This is now a police enquiry and we fully support States of Jersey Police officers as they carry out their investigations. I have every confidence in the ability and professionalism of our police force in handing this investigation. We must now avoid speculation and allow them to continue with this important work.

“Jersey is a very safe place and events of this terrible nature are very rare. This has greatly shocked the Island’s community. Many will need support and counselling in the days ahead and we will ensure this is provided.”

“I would like to thank emergency services and especially paramedics and Hospital staff for their tireless work yesterday. I would also like to thank the Parish of St Helier for opening the Town Hall to help the community at this tragic time. It reinforces the importance of the parish at the centre of Island life and the strength of our community.”



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