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Saturday, 13 August 2011

"Jersey Evening Post Churnalists Broke The Record!"

Home raid ‘an invasion of privacy’

Stuart Syvret.

FORMER Health Minister Stuart Syvret has claimed that the police raid on his home was an illegal invasion of the privacy of hundreds of his constituents.
During the raid his laptop was seized which he said had contained private and personal data and his States email correspondence from constituents.
‘This was, above all else, an all-out assault on representative democracy in Jersey,’ he said in a prepared statement this week.
Mr Syvret claimed that his laptop and email accounts had been invaded and copied during the search, which took place without a warrant.

1 comment:

  1. This violation of constituent privacy would be grossly illegal and a major political outrage in any true democracy. Much worse than having an expired Driving Permit and anyone can see that the police and Bailhache did nothing in the public interest, except to harm their own reputations. They should have used those half dozen or more cops to conduct a full and honest investigation of the murdering nurse.