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Saturday, 20 August 2011

"Jersey Dragging It's Feet On Childcare"

Childcare reform too slow

Childcare reform in Jersey is slow in two key areas, according to a new report.

Three years on from the publication of the Williamson Report (a review of child care in Jersey, after historic abuse cases were brought to light) and Jersey has still to fulfil two key recommendations. That's according to the Jersey Child Protection Society (JCPS).

The JCPS says the island still needs an independent reviewing service and access for children in care, to independent legal advice.

The report stated that: "It is essential that the true worth of defined independence in these services is realised and that all children have access to high quality support outwith the States services. Such facilities add value and bring constructive challenge to practice and procedures. They give us all greater confidence in the safety and consistency of our work with the most vulnerable children."

A referral audit also by the JCPC stated that there was a lack of mulit-agency data, needed to inform planning and help with decision making.


  1. So whatever happened to progressive people's Deputy Judy Martin?
    Given the prized job of implementing reform for the care of Jersey's children and we are still in the same old dark ages!! What is the point of voting for anybody who claims to be a "progressive?" The word is rendered meaningless. Still not ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child either - who is to be believed in Jersey politics?
    Tom Gruchy asks

  2. A hell of a question Tom gruchy

  3. where can I find a copy of this report

  4. I think Stuart has the williamson report on his blog on the right hand side column

  5. JCPC report is on annual report 2011