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Monday, 1 August 2011

"Jersey Care Leavers Association - Letter To Jersey Evening Post - Not Printed"


28th July 2011

Dear Sir,

May we, through the columns of your paper, express our incredulity and dismay at the rather prominent and misleading headline in the JEP, Tuesday 26th July – ‘Call for investigation into police links with newspaper’.

Firstly, it appears you have proven the link of the leak to the police before any investigation has even been agreed. This leak could have also come from politicians or other sources. Your headline is therefore only a misleading assumption.

Since the commencement and revelations of the ongoing BDO Alto enquiry, there appears to have been a renewed interest in damning Mr Harper, when in fact, there are others whose ‘misdemeanours’ rank above and beyond those of which Mr Harper is being made a scapegoat for.

In regard to the Child Abuse Investigation and the ensuing related matters may we make mention of Senator Perchard and Deputy Sean Power. 

Senator Perchard is known to have leaked a confidential police e-mail to known child abuse denier David Rose in regard to the Haut de la Garenne investigation. Mr Rose himself has confirmed this in a recorded telephone conversation. This seems most contradictory behaviour from the Senator. Can we assume that he agrees that his leak should be investigated?

Deputy Sean Power also who just ‘happened’ to find a confidential e-mail to another States Member. Not only did he just read it, but scanned and copied another party in on the private document. Subsequently this was published on a now defunct blog which was hell bent on destroying the Haut de la Garenne and child abuse investigation. Whilst he fell foul of the Data Protection Law, his only punishment was a slap on the wrists and his resignation as Housing Minister. How and why can this States member exhibit such double standards?

Senator Shenton also undertook to fall foul of Data Protection laws by recording a private telephone conversation, keeping it under wraps for quite some time until he had the opportunity of using it as evidence against the person he had recorded. Not really the actions of an honourable man, who again was let off very lightly.

Add to this his naming of Lenny Harper as Lenny Henry, and we have another politician who appears to show contempt for the law and the child abuse investigation.

The evidence regarding Mr Warcup and Mr Gradwell (the latter also leaking information to the press), which is emerging from the Scrutiny Inquiry, and we have a far bigger and wider picture than you choose to portray would also indicate these issues need to be addressed further.  

The constant, ongoing vilification, unfounded allegations and innuendos of the SIO of a most distressing episode for those who were abused mentally and physically, raped,  whilst in the care of the States of Jersey, only serve to act as a constant reminder for those victims, not only the members of the JCLA but other victims also. Some of these victims are still living each day with the damage that this has caused them. Mr Harper and Mr Power were held in the utmost respect by us, and were trusted also.

Neither bear any responsibility for all this.

We would therefore hope that in the interests of justice, balance and fairness, that the Attorney General and Chief of Police will also make investigations into the behaviour of the above named also, and again with those same sentiments in mind, we are also sending a copy of this letter to both the AG and Mr Bowron.

We trust you will publish this letter in its full form. There is nothing contentious or untrue contained in it, and we have managed to withhold our feelings on all this over the past few weeks, but now feel that it is time our thoughts are also put into the public domain as an alternative view to this whole sorry affair.

Yours sincerely,

C Modral – Chair JCLA


  1. Thank you for putting the letter so gracefully when so many other people are far from graceful.

    I feel proud that people like you are representing others like myself who were abused and only want to see justice and fairness.

    Thank you, god bless you x x

  2. Brilliant letter Carrie,what possible reason could the filthy, filthy rag have for not publishing this excellent letter which contains no falsities, innuendo or disparaging comments, and more than represents the feeling of the vast majority.

  3. This is an excellent letter. It makes a strong statement about the power of survivors and their commitment to declaring and maintaining the truth despite all those in power who would silence their voices.

  4. Send a link to Trevor Pitman's blog I'm sure he will put it up too. The JEP are ddisgusting. Just look at the attempt - wholly backfired of course - to try and rubbish Shona Pitman with the bang on Mr Bean email. Keep going. Truth will out in the end.

  5. The JEP would never print your wonderful, truthful letter, as it highlights the propaganda they think we all believe...

  6. Response from the JEP to the JCLA letter....


    Dear Ms Modral,

    I write in reply to your letter of 28 July.

    I have decided not to publish in its present form because it is based on a number of substantiated, and potentially defamatory, assumptions.

    For example, you base your opening remarks on the clearly false assertion that our headlined (sic) referred to leaks and, in some unexplained way, attributed them to Mr Harper. Neither the headline nor the article did any such thing. You also sdtate as fact that David Rose revealed one of his sources of information in a telephone conversation, something which he denied and which, indeed, would be extraordinary behaviour for any journalist.

    You go on to state that there is 'nothing contentiour or untrue' in your letter. That is a matter of opinion, not fact, and therefore not a basis on which I would agree to publish such a letter.

    If you would care to redraft with these points in mind, I would be happy to consider the letter for publication.

    Yours sincerely,


  7. Redraft my backside!!! JCLA tell it like it is, CB, you are a *******!!

  8. Hey!!! anon above!!!

    SHITHEAD is eight stars???

  9. SHITHEAD is eight stars and tosser is 6

  10. Let's have a competition then. 7 words only mind you.

    I say as***le.

    First prize a tour of the Five Oaks offices.

  11. B*****D!! Sorry Ian, don't like sware words and this was the only one I cuold think of at the time!!!

  12. Clearly Chris Bright is no stranger to using weasel words, so practised does he appear here.

    The JEP headline ‘Call for investigation into police links with newspaper’ can obviously be interpreted as being totally straight,as Bright claims, only if it is examined in isolation from its context.

    Taken with the article it tops, and the clear insinuations emanating from the three goons, I think Carrie's take on the meaning is far closer to the truth than Bright's defensive wriggling, him having been caught out blatantly trying to skew public opinion.

    If a member of JEP staff was not deliberately trying to spin opinion, then it was just yet another example of lazy, sloppy, inaccurate and inconsiderate writing but it is strange how the effect of this and many other stylistic "accidents" spin the same way each time.