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Saturday, 20 August 2011

"Jersey - The Big Society In Action? - If Only They Knew The Truth"

"Taking A Closer Look At The Big Society!!!"

PRIME Minister David Cameron should come to Jersey to see his vision of the ‘Big Society’ in action, according to one of his MPs who has been in the Island this week.
Conservative MP Daniel Kawczynski has been in the Island for an official visit, and he has echoed the comments about Jersey’s community spirit that departing Lieutenant-Governor Andrew Ridgway made two months ago.
Mr Kawczynski – a junior agriculture minister who chairs two committees on relationships with the Arab world – said that Jersey’s system of voluntary and honorary service was the model of the more caring society that Mr Cameron spoke about.
‘Jersey is the Big Society in action,’ said Mr Kawczynski. ‘I have just come from England, where we have had one of the biggest social problems that we have experienced, certainly within my lifetime, and I will be writing to Mr Cameron to say: “Come to Jersey and see the Big Society in action.”
‘The way that this community functions is extremely impressive.

Jersey - The "BIG" Society - A List We Made Earlier!

1. We have more child abusers
2. We have more rapists
3. We have more sex offenders
4. We have more corruption
5. We have more bent coppers
6. We have more dirty money
7. We have more cover ups
8. We have more bent lawyers
9. We have more half witted politicians
10. We have more alcoholics
11. We have more drug addicts
12. We have more drug dealers
13. We have more oppression
14. We have more Nazi traffic wardens
15. We have more corrupt judges
16. We have more suicides
17. We have more hospital blunders
18. We have more poorly paid nurses
19. We have more depressed people
20. We have more brown paper bags
21. We have more liars in office
22. We have more perjurious policemen
23. We have more friends at Whitehall
24. We have more excuses
25. We have more blind eyes

Anyone Care To Add Anything?

26. We have more feral children
27. We have more masking of suicide figures
28. We have more 500k first time buyer homes
29. We have the highest Doctors and Dentist fees in the UK
30. We have more poor education standards
31. We have more grown up children who still live at home, because they can't afford extortionate rents
32. We have the only newspaper that's not worth reading
33. We have the only judiciary that’s so conflicted that the right hand knows exactly what the left hand is doing
34. We have the only tooth fairy with multiple rows of baby teeth in its mouth
35. We have the only media group who would be the news if it actually reported the news
36. We have more political prisoners
 37. We have more obscenely overpaid civil servants
38. We have more expensive prices for food and essential items than most places in the UK
39. We have a far more attractive approach to our harbour (courtesy of the 'iconic' incinerator) than the Scilly Isles could ever have
40. We have far fewer visitors than we used to have
41. We have more people dependant on the Mental Health Service because no one did anything about the drug problem for years
42. We had a Minister who had a better batting average than an English Professional Cricketer
43. We have a Rag-Rapist
44. We have child abusing politicians
45. We have a De Facto Government
46. We have the highest Lawyers Fee's in the world
47. We have the most bent Lawyers in the world
48. We have a toxic time-bomb under the waterfront
49. We have "get out of jail free cards" for killer drivers
50. We have a very depressing future in Jersey


  1. More abuse deniers.

  2. More plastic scousers.

  3. Got the first comment, not the second one though?

  4. we have a low aids/hiv mortality rate due to the fact that terminal patients are sent to the uk and have been for years so that they show up on someone elses quota, not good old jerseys.

  5. More people who are going to pay 1%tax on local businesses (compared with 20% for locals) than anywhere else.

  6. Not me anon, I'm in full Lawful Rebellion.

    Furthermore, tax is an illegal Government scam, an not applicable to commom law men and women.

  7. For Christ`s sake Ian, why don`t you say what you think!

    What are you on about ????
    - JEP is a perfect and unbiased deliver of information to the good voting people of Jersey

    This front page story in the JEP:
    is so newsworthy that it was also the leader on BBC and Channel TV etc.

    - except that it DIDN'T
    - and has not even appeared on any of them ! -or as far as I know, even on radio.

    That is because it is a NON STORY !

    It is also CRAP !

    as evidenced by:
    "one of the highest suicide rates in the world...........the number of suicides had trebled in the past four years."

    Conservative MP Daniel Kawczynski - I don't know if you are stupid, but you certainly look stupid !