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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

"Jersey Bid To Extradite Kenyans"

Former Finance Minister Chris Okemo and former
Kenya Power and Lighting boss Samuel Gichuru

JERSEY authorities are attempting to extradite two well-known Kenyan nationals to the Island to face money laundering charges dating back more than 20 years, the JEP can reveal.
Former head of the Kenya Power and Lighting Company Samuel Gichuru (69) and the country’s former Finance Minister, Chrysanthus Okemo (64), are accused of accepting millions of pounds in bribes from companies interested in contracts in Kenya’s energy industry.
It is alleged that the corrupt payments were paid into bank accounts in Jersey.
This week the Attorney General’s office confirmed that extradition proceedings were under way against two Kenyan nationals.


  1. Ian.

    So the Attorney General's Office will extradite two Kenyan's for alleged money laundering but wouldn't extradite the Maguires for alleged CHILD ABUSE?

  2. hahaha,

    the Maguires have no money to confiscate!!!

  3. yes, this is all about money, how much money that Jersey can get to solve the huge bill they will be getting when the child abuse victims are paid. Jersey will be doing everything it can to get money! very sad and very real!

  4. dam, you got there before me Ian. yup these guys have the money and maybe extraditing them will get our government some of it, however i doubt that.

    They will have their tracks well and truly covered where their main wealth is concerned and really honeslty what concern is it of jersey to get hold of them. the deed has been done, our government should not be able to take their money anyway or if they do it should be given back to the country they stole from.

    Waste of money if you ask me unless our government is hoping to prosper, or are they just paying lip service to try to show we wont stand for it!!

    These sort of criminals can hide their money wherever they like because, of all the checks and balances that are supposedly available all it takes is for some gullible individual to be told, hey we made a mistake in accounting can you go into the database and repair our mistake. Job done and gullible fool none the wiser, criminal sorted as no trail left.

  5. the Maguires also have a great deal of knowledge on the abuse by others.

  6. Indeed they do, just like Tony Paine.

  7. Dam is Damn...i thought so but was too lazy to check during my rant!!!

    Still it is great having a place to comment on subjects the JEP deem to intellectual for any of us plebs to comment on. Good work.