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Saturday, 13 August 2011

"How Child Abuse Last's For Life & Causes Death"


"The Abuse"
"The Pain"
"The Silence"
"The End"

For John from up North
rest peacefully my friend

Below is the message that was sent to me on FaceBook two nights ago. It was from a good friend, and Anti Child Abuse Campaigner, Linda Corey Stoneman. She was trying to help a man come to terms with the abuse he suffered at the hands of his uncle whilst very young. He had kept it bottled up for most of his life until the lid finally blew off. Below is his story.

Linda Corey Stoneman
  • Ian
    Thank you for all your advice via the telephone, but it is with sad regret that I have to let you know that the person I was trying to help come to terms with his abuse, sadly took his own life yesterday.
  • Linda x

John was 43 years old. He was sexually abused at the age of 9 yrs by a male family member up until the age of 11yrs. He did, at the age of sixteen, try talking to his mother and his older siblings about the sexual abuse he suffered, but was told it was in the past and to basically get on with his life and forget about it, which he tried for many years to do.

He did eventually get married at the age of 30 and had a son, but the marriage failed after 2 years. Again he turned to his family for support and to understand why a family member had sexually abused him, only to be turned away and shunned by his own family again.

To block out his memories of the horrific abuse he suffered, he turned to drink, finally unable to gain any support or help from professionals or his family, and unable to cope anymore with what had happened to him as a child, he sadly took his own life at the age of 43 years old, and on 11th August 2011.

"God bless all victims & survivors of Abuse"

Rest In Peace John xxx


  1. This is such a sad story. It is sad that he did not have any real support around him and that he was driven so low. RIP

  2. Hi Mark, yeah it sucks alright, Linda is really hurting to at the minute mate.

  3. You are part of a family greater than the one who abused you and it is a family who dont forget our soldiers we carry them in our hearts & minds to remind us that we must fight this human horror wherever it is and be vigilent in our own family lives in our caring for our own children, Only by the fight of survivors will we shame our times into better times.

    Rest it Piece John.

  4. As an abuse survivor myself, my heart goes out to Linda. It is very hard to explain what it does to you mentally esp when your family shun you also, but Linda I know how you feel after loosing John but please try to stay strong my love,sadly as I explained earlier the mental pain will never ever go away & no matter what is done & all the support in the world will never stop the pain & hurt, and sadly John could not live with it anymore. I lost 3 friends who were with me at the Home, but I look at it now as they are now free from pain & can be happy & peaceful. Linda you are an amazing Lady for what you done for John. R.I.P John. Blessings.

  5. Thank you for sharing this with us Ian. So, so very sad and my heart goes out to Linda.

    John may have died a man but in reality, his life was taken from him as a child. Sadly, some abuse victims cannot live with the hurt, the lies, the constant memories of abuse living with them every hour of every day, even in sleep they cannot escape the horrors of what happened to them. For some, death is the only way of escaping this living nightmare.

    He is in safe hands now. RIP


  6. Ian
    My heartfelf Thanks to you and those whom have left messsages of support,it is so ry kind of you all and brought a tear to my eye.My fight against Childhoood Sexual Abuse will continue as will my support for survivors of abuse.
    John may no longer be here with us and will be sadly missed,but I believe he can now rest peacefully from the pain and torture he suffered throughout his short life.

  7. "THANK YOU" Linda.

    Will speak soon hun, take care, and try and chill out in the caravan :) xxx

  8. Mate, thought you should read this crap from the farce dickhead.

    "The Bailhache brothers sacrificed lucrative careers to serve the public only to be attacked by a rabid dog disguised as a human named Syvret.
    If any member of the Jersey public were to attempt to vote this maniac into office, it would be the greatest injustice ever to be served upon people who dedicate themselves to the improvement of public life in Jersey.
    Syvret has proved time and again he is unbalanced in his mind and should be incarcerated in an institution until he is ready to rejoin society and no longer a danger to the public.
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  9. Sorry to post this crap on this particular posting but it needed doing, with respect.

  10. Robert Green, Hollie Greig campaignAugust 15, 2011 6:21 pm

    I was very sorry to hear about the tragedy in Jersey. Let us all hope and pray that justice will be served both in Jersey and in Aberdeen, where a good man was murdered, with official support, to prevent exposure of the city`s magic circle of child-abusers.

  11. I met a woman of pension age who was 100% convinced by reading and seeing what the main media reports, that Jersey will fall apart if business people are not voted into power?
    Shows that some people are easily frightened by the propaganda they are force fed!
    Interestingly she said she would vote for me if I stood for election, why, simply because I am a tax exiles daughter, with a business background, yet she was not in the least interested in what my actual policies or personal beliefs are? Go Figue.