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Friday, 12 August 2011

"He Who Won't Answer Emails Is Running For St Sav's Constable Again"

"The Man Of Silence Runs Again"

Who will vote for this guy? Not I

Mr ineptitude don't seem to want to answer any questions that may put him under pressure! So what does he do? He ignores his parishioner's. Great Job Hanning.

"Legalese - The Government Deception - An Example From A Novice"

As some of you are aware, I have been pushing the teachings of Robert Menard over the last couple of weeks. I am new to this also, yet I would like to show you just what I have learned in the small space of time I have been studying this life enriching practice. Below, is my deconstruction of a simple Jersey Electoral Register Statement that I have sent back to the sender with some questions? This is a document that most of you have probably received in the last month or so. Until you have watched Robert Menard's video, "Bursting Bubbles Of Government Deception" HERE AT THIS GREEN LINK you will not understand just how Governments deceive you with a simple tool called "WORDS". I have the "Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception" book, and it is far easier to understand what I have done here when you have the book at your disposal.

Please enjoy my humble effort below :)
Left click on the pic to read it

Below is my letter to the sender,
Mr PFM Hanning, Constable of St Saviour, Jersey

Dear Mr PFM Hanning

Thank you for the electoral register form you sent to me (which is enclosed as an attachment) in order that I may vote at the forthcoming elections.

Having read this form, I have some questions regarding it's contents, if you would be kind enough to answer ALL of these questions FULLY, I would be most grateful. My questions are as follows:

1/ In the shaded box in the top right hand corner it says "Every person who is entitled to have his/her name included on the Electoral Register has a duty to apply for registration." Would you please explain to me the exact meaning of "person" and the exact meaning of "has a duty to apply for registration".

2/ On the boxed section of the form it says "EVANS Mr Ian Leslie". Is there any particular or significant reason why it says this? and why it is that the printed words are in such order?

3/ The form also requires me to "complete using black ink and CAPITAL LETTERS". Why would this be? and for what purpose?

4/ I see that some of the words and phrases are either in brackets, or inverted comma's, could you please explain to me the significance of this, if any?

5/ In the boxed section, I have noticed that all the boxes are closed. Is there any particular significance attached to this? and if so, what exactly is that significance? Are there any reasons why these boxes cannot be opened?

6/ In the boxed section it also states the word "Surname" I do not have a Surname, I have a family name. What should I therefore enter in this particular box?

7/ In the boxed section it also states the word "Fornames" I do not have Forenames, I have christian names. What should I therefore enter in this particular box?

8/ The most perplexing section of all though is the "DATE OF BIRTH" box, this really threw me! This being a Government form and (as far as I am aware) is legally required to be filled in truthfully and honestly. Furthermore, I also understand that I am liable to penalty/prosecution if I knowingly/willingly enter false information. I ask you Sir, how do I truly and honestly know when I was born? I was not able to count at my birth, I was not able to read at my birth, the only testament to my date of birth is the hearsay of others. This being wholly true, I am therefore unwittingly liable to penalty/prosecution through no fault of my own!!!

I would be grateful Sir, for your full, accurate, and complete answers to my valid questions at your earliest convenience. It appears we have little time before I am possibly cheated out of my God given common law right to vote.

Your sincerely



  1. I had wondered whether you would get a reply to your questions.

    It seems as though if you want to vote, you fill the form in, as is or the alternative, no vote.

  2. The way I see matters, they are going to be in big trouble if they stop me voting.

  3. Ian.

    Fill in their silly little forms and abide by their rules for now.

    Because its no skin off their nose if your vote doesn't count.

    Don't make a fuss till after the elections

  4. On the contrary, I want them to stop me voting, another crime to add to the already huge list against my name!

  5. Anon,

    this form is nothing more than a contract, a Government contract to tie me in to the rules of the Law Society, of which I am not a member and therefore not obliged to be bound by their Laws.

    This is the whole beauty of the Common Law durisdiction, their crap is for them only, they are stuck in their cages forever, we are free....

  6. Tomorrow, I will be explaining all my questions in full, and their cheesy deceptive little form and all it's consequences.

    "No Hanning, Bad Hanning"

  7. I have watched the videos you posted which I have found interesting. Where I am getting confused is the whole election scenario if you do not sign contract your out.

    What I am trying to say is ''Do elections fall under common law?''

  8. hanning does'nt have the brains to answer your questions Ian, lets be frank,none of our states members (bar the lawyers) understand their relationship with the states of jersey

    SoJ is a proper legally incorporated business
    and we both know everything they do is in commerce

    people are to busy making ends meet to look at the words that deceive us,we are told to exercise our FRANCHISE and vote

    as you have seen all SoJ paperwork is commercial
    and commercial law only applies to legal fictions, we are conned into acting as surety for these fictions

    some nobheads have been calling Stuart a criminal, yet ask them to define crime,legally speaking,and they are clueless, doh!

    it's non compliance for me

    keep up the good work


  9. anon

    voting is part of common law and commercial law

    by exercising your franchise which one do you think your in?


  10. "if you do not sign contract your out."

    Basically YES, according to them, and what they would have you believe.

    Everything we do falls under Common Law, we are men and women in a Common Law jurisdiction and we are all EQUAL under God. THEY created the Law Society and they have to live under their own rules, we do not, we can walk away any time that we choose.

    Every little thing Government does is a trick to control you and to generate revenue from you, they live like God's and we struggle all our lives.

    No one is obliged to contract with the Government, and by contract, I mean submit applications for registration. Every time you do this you are inadvertantly signing over your inalienable rights, or your property. They do it with everything.

    This form, and it's contents, will become oh so clear to you tomorrow:)

  11. Thank you for your input "C" it is always advantageous to hear you opinions and explanations, my mentor :)

  12. Define Crime?

    "A positive or negative act in violation of penal law; an offense against the State or United States."

    "A crime may be defined to be any act done in violation of those duties which an individual owes to the community, and for the breach of which the law has provided that the offender shall make satisfaction to the public."

    Common Law is simply about love and peace, living in harmony with your family and fellow man and not causing injury, loss or using fraud or mischief in your contracts toward your fellow man.

    Three simple rules for life.

    All the other crap is the twisted tangled web of deceit that Government has woven into our simple lives, and is only applicable to them.

    We are only contracted to Government through the deception of our "strawman" - "person" - "legal fiction". Walk away from these and you walk away from all the pain and constraints put upon you by Government.

  13. i love a bit of pedanticism(assuming that there is such a word)but I do feel that you are taking all this to an extreme. I look forward to your detailed explanation.

  14. Pedantry is probably the word you should have used, I will go and find a quote for the people who find all this hard to fathom, this quote will explain matters to the undecided reader.

  15. "When a well-packaged web of lies has been gradually sold to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and it's speaker a raving lunatic."

    Dresden James

  16. "I do feel that you are taking all this to an extreme."

    Believe me, IT IS EXTREME.

    When you fully understand all this, you will know it is right.

    Robert Menard likened his awakening to those 3D pictures. Those laser pictures that you stare at trying to find a picture within it, you only actually see the picture when you focus past the laser image, then the picture suddenly pops into your head.

    That is the moment when it all becomes clear. Please do watch Robert Menard's video, if you understand a little, you will get it :)

  17. I get ''it'' I have to choose that of which I opt into against that I opt out of.

    I want to vote so will have to consent unless you can show different.

  18. Close, but it's not always that way.

    I was told I "must" fill in a form to obtain a license to dump rubbish at the new incinnerator.

    I refused, telling them I did not want to enter into a contract with them and would not do so. The guy said "you will have to weigh in manually evey time you dump rubbish here" I said "fine, but I'm not contracting with you".

    NO ONE can force you to enter into contract with them, NO ONE can claim you must do so. Everything they tell you that you "must" do, is just an offer, nothing more.

    I will show you an example of this next week so you will be able to choose your option instead of being forced.

  19. If you cannot wait until next week, you can read THIS POSTING

  20. I get it Ian I have the choice of opt in or out but my choice.

  21. ALWAYS your choice, unless they trick you out of it by getting you to put your signature (which is an oath) on one of their "commercial" documents containing the words "submission" - "application" - "registration". :)

    Watch Robert Menard's "Bursting Bubbles Of Government Deception" then watch it again, then again, eventually you will see the image behind the laser picture.

    When you get to this point you will be able to deconstruct every text document you ever see exactly for what it is, a con and a lie and a contract, they do it with literally EVERYTHING!

  22. Hi Ian,

    You didn't ask an important question, regarding the number top left which is not our elector number.

    My number was different to yours, and I can't help feeling it may be a reference to our actual address?

    Perhaps an easy way to do a dawn raid on a rebel voter?

    Maybe a personal visit to the Parish Hall is called for?


  23. Hi Cindy, it was my first ever attempt at a deconstruction so I was bound to miss something.

    Got it sussed now though.

  24. Hi Ian

    In a way I am so glad that Hanning doesn't respond to you. I thought that he simply had it in for me when he has ignored my correspondence.

    I am delighted to learn that he has nothing personal against me and that he is simply an arrogant, ignorant, rude or just plain incompetent man whose views are completely out of kilter with those of the people that he, in theory, represents (Field 528 amongst others).

    My only hope is that someone, anyone, stands against him.