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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

"Damian Rzeszowski - Has Jersey's Mental Health Department Failed Yet Again???"

Time after time we read about the failings of Jersey's Mental Health Department, is this another prime example of their utter incompetence? We have had some horror stories on this blog over the last year regarding our hopelessly inadequate team of buffoons in the health service, and the high price for sheer idiocy, that some have paid. It must now be time to make the Health Minister Anne Pryke accountable, enough is truly enough....Questions must now be asked, and answered!

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  1. Jersey inc. spends multi millions on our chap reports,jollies for fred and pip,7BR and funny hat parties for the chosen few

    Yet mrs Pryck deems CBT wholly adequate for jerseys growing mental health problems

  2. The Staff at the Mental Health Department do a brilliant job under very difficult conditions. They are understaffed to deal with the problems on this Island. It's far to easy to put the blame at their door without having a very in depth look at the problems. What sort of funding is Mental Health receiving in these hard times? Now that people are struggling and pressures are mounting we must be investing in Mental Heath more than ever..


  3. I'm sorry Rico but I'm just not having that one mate, NO ONE in their right mind lets someone out the next day who has tried to kill themselves, NO ONE!

  4. I know there are a lot of dedicated staff, and that they have had their funding slashed lately, but this is inexcusable. Nothing short of sheer incompetence.

    Also, that they are pushing those with mental health problems on their own GP's to save money doesn't help. Just look back over the years posts on this blog to see the clearest picture with regard to mental health issues, it's all about money, Pryke and our disgusting Government are the ones to blame!!! Simple as.

  5. I have previously on this blog the question:

    Is there a way to find out the number of suicides in Jesey? At one stage all suicides were published then for some reason JEP stopped publishing.

  6. I remember you asking.

    They stopped publishing them when the figures grew to high. As I believe I said then, Jersey, per head of population must rank at the very top worldwide.

    They use any excuse now to blame a suicide on anything other than suicide. I have a few friends in the mental health game who are in the know, they DON'T lie to me....

  7. Sorry, forgot to answer your question, the simple answer is NO!!!

    All things covered up nicely. I only get to find out because I know the right people to ask, and thats only if they have not been lied to.

  8. "I'm sorry Rico but I'm just not having that one mate, NO ONE in their right mind lets someone out the next day who has tried to kill themselves, NO ONE!"

    I would need the whole story on that one Ian plus the legal standing as in if the person says he's walking out the door what is the legal standing on stopping them. This is such a big issue. Can they stop someone walking out the door? They cant just section you.

  9. They can section you at will Rico, surprised they haven't tried with Stuart or myself yet?

    If they don't want you to leave the hospital, you can't....That is fact.

  10. Think you might have something here Ian, questions should be asked about the number and circumstances of suicides and the ethos of the service. Seems like they don't very often recognise mental illness and prefer to blame the person for not taking responsibility - hard if you're psychotic or deeply depressed but a good cop out for the staff.

  11. I got a phone call on Monday about this case and the suicide issue, and I have to say, knowing how dumb the Jersey Authorities are, even I was surprised that they allowed the Filthy Rag (Jersey Evening Post) to allow this publication today!!!

    They are facing a claim now of incompetence from ALL the families involved in this dreadful episode.

    These fools do everything to cut costs at Joe Publics expense, and it's only ever Joe Public that pays for it.

    Hope one of the family victims will personally sue Anne Pryke, that bumbling idiot has so much to answer for!!!

  12. "Seems like they don't very often recognise mental illness and prefer to blame the person for not taking responsibility."

    You are beginning to understand now Anon, you only got one bit wrong though, they are under orders to get rid of mental health patients with the minimal of fuss, and as cost effectively as possible!

  13. Who posted comment one???

    I can't help but keep going back and reading it, you just so got it SPOT ON :)

  14. i agree CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) is superb , and is more powerful for some than any pill

  15. Aaaaaaaah, CCBT!

    Computer Cognative Behavioral Therapy!!!

    Actually, that was the only thing that helped me a few years back, and a fantastic course it was. Did the whole nine weeks and had best results they had ever had up at Overdale.

    I still have all my paperwork, and regularly read up on it when I am oppresed by our filthy Government, keeps my head in check. It was a superb course for me to undertake, but I understand it does not work for everyone.

    For CCBT to work, you need to have a rather large understanding of your life, and life around you also, but it was awesome for me so cannot knock it :)

  16. N.A.T.S they woke me up! That was my problem.

  17. "I agree CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) is superb , and is more powerful for some than any pill."

    ANY PILL? You got that right, the best thing for mild depression is crap loads of exercise, a healthy diet, and 10,000Iu of vitamin D3 a day, cannot go wrong :)

  18. Sleep well you guy's, it's been an 'Oh So' long day, but better prospects tomorrow hey.

    "The most potent weapon of the oppressor,
    is the mind of the oppressed."

    Steven Biko

  19. Hi Ian,

    twas me at comment one

    whilst CBT has a place in mental health(milder cases) it is no panacea
    CBT is one of the cheeper treatments, its usefulness in chronic depression and severe psychological problems is limited.

    dont even get me started on SSRI drugs


  20. It is time that people take their responsabilities in this crazy crime !!! did you hear any politicians yet ??? who is running this island ?? a new dark side of jersey will be awake by english journalists !! to all those responsable of these island .... FACE your responsabilities !!!

  21. Hello Ian, I told my gp last year that I was feeling suicidal and he threatened to have me sectioned. So now I cannot even talk to my gp about how I feel.

  22. That is typical Hymie, one extreme to another and no middle ground, middle ground being the area where common sense lies!

  23. BBC 2 July 2010 Last updated at 13:02
    Suicide rate continues increase in Jersey

    The number of suicides has continued to rise in Jersey, which was last year described as having one of the highest suicide rates in the world.

    Figures released by the Health department show at least 25 islanders took their own lives last year.

    Dr Rosemary Geller, medical officer of health, said the number of suicides had trebled in the past four years.

    A continuing study by the University of Southampton found that high alcohol consumption was a factor.

    Alcohol consumption

    The study was commissioned by Jersey's health department to examine the causes behind the suicides.

    Dr Geller told BBC Jersey: "The University of Southampton are looking into the 2009 data specifically for us.

    "What they've found in the past five years is that they reckon that the high alcohol consumption, people with depression, needing help is a factor and possibly isolation, people on their own and particularly young men taking their own lives.

    "We're looking into that and we're doing some training with GPs and the mental health directorate working on that too to diagnose depression and help people."

  24. BBC 15th October 2009

    Suicide rate 'one of the highest'
    Jersey has one of the highest suicide rates in the world after a rise in the number of people taking their own life, the medical officer of health has said.

    Last year the number of people who killed themselves in Jersey increased by 40% compared to the previous year.

    The medical officer of health said the island's suicide rate, 14.9 per 100,000 people, puts Jersey in the globally high category for suicide.

    Dr Rosemary Geller said work was being done to reduce the number of suicides.

    She said she was "very concerned" after a "particularly high" number of people killed themselves in 2008.

    The health authorities commissioned a study by the University of Southampton into why this might have been.

    Dr Geller said the study had highlighted a number of issues, which the department was addressing.

  25. It seems that this guy has attempted to take his own life before, the most recent time, he allegedly swallowed 80 anti-depressant tablets, they pumped his stomach out and released him the next day, it is obvious the guy was very disturbed mentally, to release him was a big mistake, a good laywer in his corner, (will not get one here) and he will never see the inside of a prison cell, diminished responsibilty.
    An asylum for a time before a Social worker comes along, and says "he is fine now
    Meantime, the Hospital gets sued for millions.

  26. Please watch the third video down on THIS LINK for an idea of how Big Pharma Works, and how it's drugs Do Not Work.

  27. Ian, as many have commented there is an extremely high rate of suicide or attempted suicide in Jersey. If I remember correctly, last statistics published proved that Jersey had one of the highest if not the highest suicide rate in the world. Sadly, the attitude of some of the professionals is that you are wasting their time, some but not all staff can be cold if not cruel, I know from experience. I have tried several times over the years to end my life with my first attempt at the age of about twelve. The most recent was about six years ago when I tried not once but twice within one month. Both times I ended up in hospital the second by far the worst when I had so very nearly succeeded in my attempt and woke up in intensive care covered in tubes and all sorts. I was very angry at first when I realised that I have not succeeded and ashamedly I kicked off a little trying to rip the tubes and catheter bag out of me. My main point is, on both occasions they let me leave the hospital after a few hours although, on the second occasion it was on the condition that I attended out patient appointments with a psychologist. Have I ever “lost it” during one of these bouts of depression? Admittedly yes, I picked up a calving knife, slammed my then husband to the wall and put the knife to his throat, it took every ounce of strength in my body to overcome the blackness I was in at that moment to stop me going all the way. One of he biggest fears I have ever experienced outside of my child hood was the fear of me at that time!
    My heart goes out to all Seven of these victims.

  28. A lady I knew, was under the care of the mental health 'service', lay dead in her states flat for over two weeks !

  29. Anon, last but one comment.

    If you ever get like that again, I have many friends on Facebook who are counsellors and would be happy to pass their details on to you, if needed :) They are good people.

  30. I wonder if the study undertaken by Southampton is online and whether child abuse plays a big part?

  31. What this man did was wrong.

    How he was treated, if reports on an earlier suicide attempt are correct, surely had to be lacking, wrong?

    To be released the next day if correct, was any thought given to the state of mind of someone who had attempted suicide, had a young family bearing in mind the reputation Jersey holds(world wide)for high suicide rate?

    I really hope this is looked at for future cases. I dont think this is the first time a father in Jersey has killed their family.

  32. In 1993 a man killed his wife and two children then took his own life here in Jersey. There was very little news of this tragedy at the time. In the present world with Sky news and the internet it is not as easy to suppress news that is bad for Jersey's reputation.

  33. Hi Ian,

    Does anyone know if it's true that this man had been in St Saviour's before the attacks - I keep reading/being told different things. My view of this is that the man was a victim two as I agree with Ian that nobody in their right mind would or should let a suicidal patient out of hospital if it is genuinely thought they are a risk - I can only think that for some reason he was deemed not to be bad enough to be sectioned. I think no one approach works for depression and that drugs should be used with great caution. I take on board Rico's comments but surely a can-do attitude amongst mental health staff doesn't cost money?

  34. If you try to take your own life, it is pretty damn clear, even to a complete mindless retard, that something is very very wrong!!!

    Failure to impose a few days stay at a hospital with good kind caring staff is beyond my comprehension!

    What harm could it ever have done? Other than cost our shitty greedy parasitic Government a few quid which the guy has already a pre-paid account to!!!

  35. Hello Ian, I have only been taking 1 x 5000 vit D should I be taking 2 per day. Thanks in advance.

  36. Hi Ian,
    I can not speak for all the US states, because I do not know, but in PA after a suicide attempt it is mandatory to be admitted to the Mental Health institution for at least 72 hours, you can do it voluntarily or the judge issues an order.

    One thing got me really puzzled where did he get 80 anti-depressant pills?

  37. Hymie
    You should be taking 10,000Iu a day for your size, a childs rda is 4,000 to 6,000

    Anon from USA
    In Jersey you are usually given 30 anti depressants for each prescription, your question is a valid one which needs answering.

  38. Most of St. Saviours Hospital is closed, it resembles the "Marie Celeste", the opposite should be happening, there are more mentally disturbed people in Jersey than at any time in the Islands history, that is due to the main agenda in Jersey, MONEY!
    Running a close second is image, I lost count of the times I heard the SOJP representative telling us through all method of media that Sundays tragedy was most unusual for this Island, and that Jersey was among the safest places in the World to visit, for God`s sake, such an incident was most unusual anywhere in the World! the image is so important.
    Unfortunately, the general perception people have of Jersey does not reflect the reality of the place.

  39. I have to agree with you Raymac, the pressure on the poor in Jersey is shocking, but our clowns in Government couldn't care less, poverty does not affect them.

    Stuart was absolutely correct with his statement about the pressures on the poor in Jersey.

    The crazy amounts paid out for renting cold, damp accomadation is mind blowing, in some cases a weeks wages for a weeks rent. Food is two to three times the price that it is in England. Then we have the parking ticket? Worth around 23 million yearly to our caring Government. Ever increasing fuel and heating bills, doctors fees going up every year, dentists charging us around £250-£300 per hour.


  40. right im going to make something very very clear to you all now all the people that kill them selves are now covered up on daily basis and jersey does not now spend millions on mental health services i know for a fact that over 75% of mental health patients have been shoved out of the phyciatric patients have now been shoved onto there gps so the jersey mental health services could make these cut backs,less for more eh,yeah less care and more people taking there own lifes

  41. and as for the monster that took all them lives he needs to be hung up no questions

  42. It's me again, Anon from USA, I am sorry, I should have been polite and state my name.
    I am Polish American, living in the US for the past 24 years.
    The suicide rate around the world it's on the rise.
    In Poland alone - during the past few years it went up by 100%.
    It keeps me wondering, what the heck? we are living a better life then our grandparents, even our parents and people are killing themselves.

    Also, what just came to my mind is that Damian was an active bodybuilder, especially during the last month, would it be possible that the steroids and anti depressant combination had some horrible effect ?
    And by the way, don't think that the US healthcare is so great, I almost died in the ER.
    All the best

  43. We are grateful you lived Elizabeth :) and thank you for taking the time to post here.

  44. taking steroids and anti ds is no excuse to take the lives of 6 innocent people,you know the risks you do it as your own risk dont use that as an excuse to murder 6 people

  45. i am off to the memorial service to remember the people this monster killed i am sure there will be loads of people up there

  46. Fair play anon, please let us know how it went.

  47. one big question where exactly were all his "friends"when all this went on ????????

  48. To Anon,
    Certainly It's not excusing his action, but I would be very cautious with judging his state of mind.
    From what I know he is a sick person who should have gotten a proper care.

  49. "one big question where exactly were all his "friends"when all this went on ????????"
    Being Polish I can tell you that Polish people are very rarely "open up" to talk about their problems, everything is always fine and dandy, apparently his roots are from the mountain area of Poland, and "gorale" ( highlanders) are a bit different then other Poles.
    Basically you don't talk about the problems with your friends, you can only brag about what you achieved on the material side, what kind of car you driving, stuff like that.

  50. "you can only brag about what you achieved on the material side, what kind of car you driving, stuff like that"

    No wonder they love it in Jersey, then - it's perfect for that mindset :)
    Money over substance, the Jersey Way

  51. hanging would be to good for this monster