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Saturday, 20 August 2011

"Hannah Johnson - Cancer Victim R.I.P - A Remarkable Young Lady"

Farewell to Hannah

Before she got cancer Hannah Johnson was like every other teenager.

Except she found the time to work with children at Mont A'Labbe, befriended an autistic boy called Jack through Autism Jersey and helped with Cancer Baccup, Headway and victims of crime.

When she got a rare form of ovarian cancer nothing changed.

Apart from adding new charities to her list to help.

One of those was the Teenage Cancer Trust. She wanted to help raise money to build a specialist unit for young people with cancer in Southampton.

Mum Carole said: "Hannah didn't experience that side of it, she was very much on a ward in a room on her own, wasn't surrounded by kids of her own age and I think she would have really benefitted from that."

But to Hannah's friends she was the girl with the immaculate hair, cheeky grin and ability to spin the tallest of tales.

Even cancer wasn't going to get her down.

Erin Daly said: "She used to see the positive side of it, she used to make jokes out of everything, where as we took it quite seriously but then with her taking it as a joke it made it a lot easier for us, like the first time we saw her with no hair she just lifted her hat off and went da da."

Charlie Banyard said: "To be honest we never really got upset in front of her because she was always so optimistic about the whole thing it would be when she wasn't there and we would hear things or that she would call from her treatment and we would kind of come together and it would be tough for us but obviously behind closed doors she did get upset about it, obviously you would but she didn't want to put that on us because thats the person she is."

Hannah lost her battle with cancer at the age of 19, but before she died she had a tattoo at the famous tattoo parlour Miami Ink.

Now all her friends have tribute inkings based on Hannah's orginal design. It is one of things they say she would have wanted.

Another is to keep supporting the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Carole said: "I think it would be even more important than helping before she left us, because this is the reality, and it is certainly a reality for us that Hannah is no longer here.

"You would hate for it all to be for nothing, you know she has left us with millions of memories and you want to keep her name going, you want to keep the cause going and she definitely would have been up for it."


  1. amazing young lady, hope she's at peace and pain free now.

  2. I couldn't agree more anon, proper human being :) xxx

  3. What a pity that world Governments have kept the CURE FOR CANCER from us for nearly a hundred years!!!

  4. Missing you my very special girl xxx