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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

"Graham Power & Weirdcop To Give Evidence To Scrutiny Panel"

Police chiefs to talk to Jersey's abuse inquiry review

Graham Power

Two former chief officers of Jersey Police will be giving evidence to a review into the management of the historic abuse inquiry.
David Warcup, a former acting Chief Officer, will be giving evidence to a scrutiny panel via conference call.
And Graham Power, who lead the force at the start of the case, will also give evidence by telephone.
A scrutiny panel of politicians are reviewing a report criticising the cost of the investigation.


The report by accountancy firm BDO Alto published in July 2010 criticised a lack of management and the £7.5m costs.
The review hopes to establish why the Senior Investigating officer, Lenny Harper, was not involved in the financial planning of Jersey's historic abuse investigation.
A panel, made up of Deputies Trevor Pitman, Daniel Wimberley and Roy Le Herissier has been hearing evidence from witnesses.
They include the accountancy firm BDO Alto Limited, and the joint author of the report Mike Kellet.
The panel hopes to publish its recommendations by mid-September.


  1. Ian.

    Warcup gave evidence today and a few things became clear IMO. One thing being that Gradwell is being made the fall guy, another being the fall guy has refused to give evidence. It's one big mess!

  2. Jeeeez, it's so bloody predictable isn't it!

    Everything we said would happen, HAS!!!

  3. Hello Ian, great pics. I just cannot understand why JH is being so insulting. What has he to gain by his weird behavior?

  4. Perhaps the fall guy situation is propelled by everyone involved having the dirt on everyone else. He can't speak out if they have him by the ...

  5. The fall guy = Gradwell.

    Of course, JH will also be an establishment fall guy when that becomes more of a necessity. He has been able to slip through the net many times because he is their useful idiot. He is not someone who inspires loyalty from those he protects, though. And he is on the record as being a liar too many times for his words to matter much to his fickle masters.

  6. It never was JH and you only think its JH because you have no other names. He has been asked about it all.

  7. Jon Hawarth?

    Ian, what is with the statement, "The review hopes to establish why the Senior Investigating officer, Lenny Harper, was not involved in the financial planning of Jersey's historic abuse investigation" in that article? Was that what the reporter thought the Scrutiny hearings were all about? Does that reporter's wording make any sense?

  8. Andy Hurley's been one of your trolls for sometime.

  9. Jon Howarth is best friends with Adrian Walsh, Adrian Walsh is best friends with the venomous loud mouthed bully Andrew Hurley. In fact the three of them are failures in the professional sense. Howarth and Hurley have had run in's with the police. The trio also think everyone else in the world is below them.

    Sound weird exactley it certainly is, just like these three sad people. They are experts in one area, as trolls which is a position normally aspired to by children.

  10. Andrew Hurley, never heard that name before?

    I know all about the other two losers but this one is new to me.

  11. Ian

    Is there any update online regarding Scrutiny witnesses, blog or otherwise?


  12. You would have to ask Rico, or VFC, I really cannot be arsed at the moment, it's not my baby so to speak!!! :)no disrespect hun xxx

  13. Have left a comment on VFC explaining.