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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

"A Friends Request - The Doctoring Of Trial Tapes"

I bumped into an acquaintance today, he had read my posting last night and had asked if I was serious about my trial tapes being doctored? My response was, watch this space, and so, here we are.

Of course, I cannot prove that my trial tapes were doctored, or anything else for that matter, not without forensic evidence, that is. Which is why I questioned the Attorney General Michael Birt when he stated that no evidence of wrongdoing had been found.

It was only later that I found out that the three pieces of evidence that I was positive had been tampered with, were never even sent for forensic examination! Why would the Avon & Somerset Police embark on a corruption investigation and not forensically examine the three main pieces of evidence that the plaintiff knows to be tampered with? Or did they examine them? and I was subsequently lied to! This would explain the Jersey Judiciary & the Jersey Police refusing me a copy of the Avon & Somerset Police Report. It might also explain the raging flood that is yet to be officially confirmed!!!

I wrote to Jack Straw, who was then the Home Secretary, with my concerns. Not one single reply in a six month period! But then, that is not surprising when we learn that his son is a drug dealer, and his brother a sex pest, and possible paedophile! I then wrote to the Lord Chief Justice in London to see if he could help me. I was stonewalled at every turn, and so the fight began.

Please note the dates on the letters below, and on the facsimiles. Please also note when reading the fax from the transcribers that, what is supposed to happen is that the original trial tapes are bagged, tagged and sealed, then securely delivered to their destination.

In this case, the original tapes were the large spool tapes that you do not see anymore. What the transcribers received were C90 Cassettes???

First, My letter to the Home Secretary - Jack Straw

Next, My Letter To The Lord Chief Justice

And Finally, The 2x Facsimiles From The Transcribers Of
Jersey's Trial Tapes


  1. I hope you drag them all into court.

  2. Go for it Ian. I know what its like to have papers doctored, but I dont have the energy to fight my case.


  3. Comment one

    I am happy to die trying....

  4. Is that whats known as cutting out the middle men?