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Thursday, 11 August 2011

"Criminal Kyran Bracken - Has Built Some Steps!!! - Pathetic Jersey"

Couple face court over St Catherine property

FORMER international rugby star Kyran Bracken and his wife are being taken to court by the States for allegedly breaching planning laws.
Mr Bracken and his wife Victoria, who own Amy’s House, next to St Catherine’s lifeboat station, have built an opening and steps down from their house to the car park next door.
The States claim that the work was unauthorised and have now started legal action. Assistant Treasury Minister John Refault said: ‘Since October 2009 Property Holdings have been trying to resolve encroachments [onto
public land]. While we have had some improvements regarding a number of encroachments, this is the last remaining issue.’
A ministerial decision to start court proceedings against Mr and Mrs Bracken was made this month by Mr Refault.

Well, that should be another few thousand in fines for our greedy Government,
I told you they were a business


  1. Rules is rules.
    Don't spoil your reputation for common sense by pandering to lawlessness :)

    1. Rules only apply to mindless drones stupid and afraid enough to obey them, good people will always do what is right, just, and fair to everyone.

      There is only one law on this earth for men and women, "Do No Harm".