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Thursday, 11 August 2011

"Could This Be A Way Of Ditching Ballot Papers?"

A Jersey polling station will open one month early? 

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Voters in the 2011 Jersey election in October will be able to vote a month ahead of polling day.
On 19 October all three categories of politician will be voted for on the same day, for the first time.
A pre-polling station will be set up in the St Paul's Centre in St Helier to allow people to vote on the run up to the day.
Deputy Judicial Greffier Paul Matthews said it should encourage more people to vote.
"I think the politicians felt they wanted to give people the best opportunity to become engaged in the election process," Mr Matthews said.
"It is sometimes inconvenient for people to vote on one particular day, people have commitments and the idea is to make it as easy as possible."
Turnout in some parts of St Helier was just 25% in in the last Deputy election in 2008 and just 35% in the Senatorial election.


  1. Can someone tell me why when you vote we vote using a pencil? easy to rub out, easy to change? I did ask if I could write in pen and I was told no, a very good question though don't you think? has anyone else wondered why Jersey only use pencil.....

  2. Yes, we had this one out last year when Stuart forced the by election.

    I think the reason is the obvious!

  3. Tell everyone to press very hard when they do their cross for Stuart!

  4. Will the vote be rigged? Yes in a subtle way it will.

    This extension on the voting period, and probably to a time before the real impact of questions and answers at the hustings is felt, is designed to get the grey army voting early. Lets face it a larger proportion of elder people vote than younger, and the younger ones are sometimes totally uininterested in politics or feel that there vote will make no real difference. No, best to make it as easy as posisble for the grey army who are less accepting of change and will vote for the staus quo generally.

    Hell the number of times I've tried to open the eyes of my parents and thier friends to look at the alternatives with an open mind. Usually the comment is something like "well I will vote for ...... cause he's a good jersey boy eh!" Ok the eh! Ive addded for effect but the sentiment is correct. Trouble is that even when you point out that ..... is not a good Jersey boy (not that thier is anything wrong with that of course), and has a history of voting against thier interests they still won't consider something "dangerously" new.

    Only way to crack this is to really motivate the thinking voters of Jersey by pushing the facts at every opportunity. I for one am trying at every opportunity.


  5. 1. Where in the law does it say that you have to write in pencil? It doesn't

    2. How would they know if you wrote it with your own pen? It is supposed to be done in private.

    3. Would they count any slips written in ink as 'spoiled papers'?

  6. 4. Why are all the voting slips uniquely numbered so as to refer directly to an individual on the register? Aren't elections supposed to be secret ballots?

  7. It sounds like they have put their heads together to make as sure as they can that Stuart does not get voted in.

    This needs sorting before the election. I have never heard of anything like this before, and the people responsible for this idea need to be forced to tell the public why they want to do something like this. On election day, there are teams of people to guard the ballot boxes, but this pre election idea means all those ballot papers will be available for anyone to interfere with, so this must be stopped!


  8. Tell people not to use these pre election ballots, tell them to vote on the day, because otherwise their vote may easily be stolen or changed


  9. I questioned the numbered voting forms at Stuart's by-election. On mentioning this to one of the tellers that one's vote could be traced I was astounded that the person said yes it could. "But we wouldn't do that" was the mitigation .....

    How does one spell "Banana Republic" ?

    Can anyone here name a voting system elsewhere in the world where a person's vote can be traced?

    The Beano is not the Rag

  10. This opening of a polling station seem like desperation to me... How can the 'election day' suddenly become 'election month' ? Surely this is not legal in a democracy.... oh sorry, I forgot, this is a dictatorship...
    Of course, any votes for Stuart at this bogus station will be destined for the shredder..

  11. You Guys are learning quick!!!

  12. @Anonymous 12 Aug 19:44:

    The reason is quite simple: there has to be some way of ensuring that people do not vote more than once.

    This is standard practice in the UK too. The fact that Jersey is that much smaller a community, and that it becomes considerably easier to trace a voter is unfortunate, but even then - given suitably honest staff - it ought to be possible to maintain secrecy.