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Sunday, 21 August 2011

"Common Law - Admiralty Law - And Your Straw Man" Part 3

Before we start this posting, we would like the reader to know, and acknowledge, that anything in this posting is "NOT" Legal Advice, and should not be perceived as such. Everything written here is merely our own theory.
Please also note, that anyone using these tactics or copying what we have done here, "MUST" know how to defend themselves properly in a courtroom. Lawyer's and Judges have a wealth of knowledge and trickery to get you to consent to their codes of practice, thereby rendering you liable to their penalties after you have been coaxed into giving up your "Inalienable Rights".

"Common Law is the greatest protection anyone has against tyrannical Government, and injustice. The States of Jersey have trampled the Law of the land into the dirt."
 "The Great Deception"

Common Law - Admiralty Law - And Your Straw Man PART 1
Common Law - Admiralty Law - And Your Straw Man PART 2

Below is a short video by John Anderson explaining about your straw man, your birth and your "Port-Pass", or "Passport" as you would call it. He also explains the connection with your straw man and Admiralty Law & the Sea.

Below is the deconstruction of a Government document that was issued to me by the Parish of St Saviour. It is addressed to my legal fiction/straw man, Mr I L EVANS. The Document is first up, so left click on it to read it. This is followed by my letter to Mr Hanning seeking some information on the document, to which he readily ignored me. Thirdly is the deconstructing of the document from a Common Law perspective, and what this document really says and means.

The document below is nothing more than a contract, a legal Government commerce contract designed to get you to submit to their Laws & Authority voluntarily.

Below is the list of questions I asked Mr Hanning, as I did not understand this document.

Dear Mr PFM Hanning

Thank you for the electoral register form you sent to me (which is enclosed as an attachment) in order that I may vote at the forthcoming elections.

Having read this form, I have some questions regarding it's contents, if you would be kind enough to answer ALL of these questions FULLY, I would be most grateful. My questions are as follows:

1/ In the shaded box in the top right hand corner it says "Every person who is entitled to have his/her name included on the Electoral Register has a duty to apply for registration." Would you please explain to me the exact meaning of "person" and the exact meaning of "has a duty to apply for registration".

2/ On the boxed section of the form it says "EVANS Mr Ian Leslie". Is there any particular or significant reason why it says this? and why it is that the printed words are in such order?

3/ The form also requires me to "complete using black ink and CAPITAL LETTERS". Why would this be? and for what purpose?

4/ I see that some of the words and phrases are either in brackets, or inverted comma's, could you please explain to me the significance of this, if any?

5/ In the boxed section, I have noticed that all the boxes are closed. Is there any particular significance attached to this? and if so, what exactly is that significance? Are there any reasons why these boxes cannot be opened?

6/ In the boxed section it also states the word "Surname" I do not have a Surname, I have a family name. What should I therefore enter in this particular box?

7/ In the boxed section it also states the word "Forenames" I do not have Forenames, I have christian names. What should I therefore enter in this particular box?

8/ The most perplexing section of all though is the "DATE OF BIRTH" box, this really threw me! This being a Government form and (as far as I am aware) is legally required to be filled in truthfully and honestly. Furthermore, I also understand that I am liable to penalty/prosecution if I knowingly/willingly enter false information. I ask you Sir, how do I truly and honestly know when I was born? I was not able to count at my birth, I was not able to read at my birth, the only testament to my date of birth is the hearsay of others. This being wholly true, I am therefore unwittingly liable to penalty/prosecution through no fault of my own!!!

I would be grateful Sir, for your full, accurate, and complete answers to my valid questions at your earliest convenience. It appears we have little time before I am possibly cheated out of my God given common law right to vote.

Your sincerely

The Deconstruction - Of The Letter

Point 1 a - What is a person?
A person is a legal fiction/entity/straw man created at your birth, and by way of a birth certificate, which becomes Governments chattel property.

Point 1 b - What is a Duty to Apply for Registration?
The word DUTY (Blacks Law Dictionary) means "A human action which is exactly conformable to Laws which require us to obey them". DUTY is sometimes synonymous with MUST, MAY. The word DUTY creates the inference that you are OBLIGED, you are never OBLIGED to do anything.

‘Submit’ means ‘to agree to bend to another’s will or to ‘leave to another’s discretion’. An agreement is a contract and must be entered into voluntarily.  If you are leaving something to someone else’s discretion, it must have been yours to begin with, right? Again it is voluntary in nature. You can never be lawfully compelled to submit.
However, as Government cannot demand anything from us as men or women, the word "DUTY" is only an offer, nothing more. It is simply an offer for you to accept!

Point 1 c - What does APPLY mean? To "APPLY/APPLICATION" literally means "TO BEG".

‘Application’ legally means ‘to beg, plead, petition, implore, entreat or request’ The assumption this creates in court is fivefold; 1) he who begs knows exactly what he is begging for, 2) he knows exactly what he is giving up for it, 3) he is acknowledging the authority to grant OR 4) he is creating it through transference, and 5) he is doing it all voluntarily.

Point 1 d - What does "REGISTRATION" mean?

‘Registration’ was historically the act of a Ship’s Captain signing over his ship and all chattel contents over to the harbour master for safekeeping. Chattel contents included the condemned, those in debt, prisoners, anything that could be bought or sold and slaves.
‘Must’ is likely their trickiest word by far. You will find it used with ‘application’, ‘submission’ and ‘registration’ extensively.  They try to use it to make you think you have an obligation to act; you do not, for under law, you are never obliged to beg.  If I tell you, “You must come to my party through the front door.” Does that create an obligation for you to come to my party? Or does it perhaps merely define conditions which have to be fulfilled in order for me to have authority over you?   If you look in Black’s Law dictionary, you find that ‘must’ is sometimes ‘synonymous with may’. When  you  take  charge  of  your  life,  there  is  no  longer  need  to  ask permission of other people or society at large. When you ask permission, you give someone veto power over your life.
Whenever you see the words Submission/Application/Registration you know you are giving away your inalienable rights and are entering into a contract. Much of the power Government has over you is a result of your actions, not theirs.

Point 2 - Why is my name written the way it is?

Every time you interact with someone who asks for your name, they are asking you to give them something, which to some is the most important thing in the world. Here’s the catch though. You have no duty or obligation to have a name! Plus, if they are interacting with you and they are a state agent, they are asking for your legal name, or the name of your ‘legal person’. What they do not have is any proof that you have an obligation to have one of those persons which they can legally act upon.   There is a way to understand whether they are acting on the person or human being. Look at the spelling of the name. Is it in all CAPITAL letters? Is the last name first and then the given names or given name and initial?  Then that is not you the human being, it is your legal person or ‘nom-de-guerre’. John-Adams: Doe is the correct way to refer to a human being.  It is pronounced
‘John Adam, of the Doe’s’ or ‘John Adam of the Doe Clan’.  DOE, JOHN ADAM is a legal entity and a fiction.

Point 3 - Why write my name in CAPITAL letters?

Look at the spelling of the name. If in block capitals and black ink, this is their formal way of addressing the legal fiction/straw man, and not you the man or woman.

Point 4 - Why are some of the words in brackets or inverted comma's?

When words or phrases are in brackets or inverted comma's, this actually means "these words" - "these printed words". These are the words they are referring to, it is designed to get you to concentrate on those words and so distract you from the real intention, or meaning.

Point 5 - Why are the boxes closed?

Look closely at just about any government form; you will see a series of boxes. Your name will be in one box, your DOB in another, all the information is compartmentalized as if they are all separate. Ever wonder why they would do that?   Try this little experiment. Take something, put it in a box and ask someone to tell you what’s in it without opening it. They will not be able to do it, will they? They can’t see inside the box if it is closed.  The same is true in court. Apparently, a Judge does not have to look at what is in a box and what is in it is not joined to that which is in other boxes on the same page.  There is no joinder between the two lawfully, and if you accept that there is, you must be entering their make believe world where things are joined even though they are separate.
You can open up those boxes and create joinder with some White Out liquid paper. Just ‘open the box’ by covering one line on one side of the box with the stuff and you have opened them up and created joinder. Ta-Da!
For some reason they do not like you opening their boxes too much.  They say things like ‘Please don’t deface the forms’. Tell them you are “Fixing it so they can be held fully commercially liable.”
Point 6 - Why do I have to write my Surname?

You do not have a surname, you have a family name, or clan name. The "Surname" is applicable only to your legal fiction/straw man and using that creates a lawful contract between you and Government.

Point 7 - Why do I have to write my Forenames?

You do not have forenames, you have Christian names. Again, The "Forenames" is applicable only to your legal fiction/straw man and using that creates a lawful contract between you and Government.

Point 8 - Why, and how, can I enter my date of birth?

You cannot lawfully enter you date of birth as you do "NOT" lawfully know when you were born!

You were not reading at your birth, you could not understand numbers at your birth, so how could you possibly know when you were born? YOU CAN'T!!! They usually state on their Government forms that you are liable to prosecution if you willingly give false information, how can you give truthful information when the only evidence of your birth is "Hearsay"? i.e The word of your parents or a nurse! Do they allow "Hearsay" evidence in their Admiralty Courts? NO!!!

We hope you are enjoying this little excursion into the unknown world of LAW.
As a good friend of mine always says
"Law is a complex set of multilingual, multi faceted made purposely complex pile of bollocks, although hard to read it is not as hard to understand when you know their code."



  1. I know my date of birth because there was a written record made of it on the actual day.That record still exists and I am quite happy to accept it as being correct. The alternative to that is to believe that witnesses at the event could not be trusted.

  2. Did you witness it?

    If not, then it is hearsay, regardless of whether you believe it or not.

  3. I think that if you asked the people who have to input the data, they'll give you most of the answers you need.

  4. Has the medication stopped working?

  5. Who's? Yours!

    Don't you know you can just keep on paying your parking fines, gst, and taxes without bothering me. My life is almost free from Government tyranny, go away and let me enjoy it :)

  6. Hey Ian,
    I like what your doing here, good work.
    I can't believe some of the idiots and their dumb replies
    here, they just don't get it and never will.

    Bad luck for them.

    Keep up the good work mate.

    1. Hi anon, it should be remembered that people are not idiots generally, they have simply been deceived that much by government they don't know any better, and are completely ignorant to the deceptions perpetrated against them.

      Until I found out what was going on, I too was in the same boat. Only by spreading the knowledge will things change, so in light of that, THIS LINK provides many other links to the full story of government deceptions....Enjoy

  7. Hi Ian

    Thanks for your reply above, yes I guess your right in regards to people in genaral, I forget I have many friends that way inclined also that don't know any better, after all some believe Ignorance is Bliss still.

    I have been also trying to educate my self lately with Common Law and Maritime Admiralty law, do you know if this works in Australian courts?

    I imagine it should, but would like confirmation before I attempt it personally one day, maybe try it on a simple parking ticket firstly and see how it goes, after all I only just recieved a parking ticket not long ago and am thinking in trying my luck there, any advice would be welcomed.

    I will check your link above also too.

    Here are a couple of links on this subject you may be interested in checking out: