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Saturday, 20 August 2011

"Common Law - Admiralty Law - And Your Straw Man" Part 2

Before we start this posting, we would like the reader to know, and acknowledge, that anything in this posting is "NOT" Legal Advice, and should not be perceived as such. Everything written here is merely our own theory.
Please also note, that anyone using these tactics or copying what we have done here, "MUST" know how to defend themselves properly in a courtroom. Lawyer's and Judges have a wealth of knowledge and trickery to get you to consent to their codes of practice, thereby rendering you liable to their penalties after you have been coaxed into giving up your "Inalienable Rights".

"Common Law is the greatest protection anyone has against tyrannical Government, and injustice. The States of Jersey have trampled the Law of the land into the dirt."
"The Great Deception"

Common Law - Admiralty Law - And Your Straw Man PART 1

In part 1, we introduced you to your straw man,
that "person" or "legal fiction" that you never knew you had, or existed.
We also had some very good, and searching questions from the public,
which is also helpful, and appreciated.

In part 2, we are going to hear from one of the founding fathers
of the Common Law Freeman On The Land.

Robert Arthur Menard

Robert started looking into Common Law after the Government stole his baby,
Elizabeth Anne Elaine
Indeed, most people who have been wronged by Government,
are the first to immerse themselves in the Freeman thinking.

Below, Robert explains the concept and the reasoning behind the Freeman principle.
It is important to note that Freemen are not against the Rule of Law,
just the deception and criminality that it is now used for by Governments.

Please enjoy the video's below

Below is Robert's Awakening

In part 3 tomorrow, we will deconstruct the document I was sent from the Parish Hall of St Saviour, regarding my eligibility to vote in Jersey's forthcoming elections, and regardless of the fact that I have been here 23 years.
Please note that the Constable of St Saviour, Peter Hanning, never replied to my email to answer the questions that I posed on his Parish document. Myself even being good enough to help him out with some of the answers!

Will You Be Voting For This Ignoramus???


  1. Jacques ChartierAugust 21, 2011 2:50 pm

    Ian, as a rate payer in St Saviour you are entitled to inspect the accounts. I can guarantee that once the utter corruption of Hanning and his management are exposed he will have to resign. Hanning has broken the law more than once.