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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

"Cohen Tries To Con Us"

Fat Freddie Never Intended To Quit!

SPECULATION is growing that Senator Freddie Cohen will make a late announcement that he will run for re-election.
Although he has been saying for some time that he has no plans to stand again, there has been growing talk in the past few weeks that he will be a candidate in October.
The foreign minister is currently sticking to his story that he will only stand if he can persuade his wife to support him.
‘The position is that I have not got clearance,’ he said. ‘I will not do anything until I persuade my wife to agree that I can stand.’

1 comment:

  1. Who is this clown trying to kid, he never had any intention of resigning.
    I hope he does stand and that he finishes a distant last and that he is humiliated and ridiculed.
    He is one complete a******e.