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Friday, 26 August 2011

"Child Abuse Survivors Payouts - Shouldn't That Be Hundreds Of Thousands???"


Again, we are left baulking at the derisory figures being thrown around when it comes to taking some sort of long awaited care for Jersey's Abuse Survivors.
Most of them are likely to get a fraction of the yearly wage that abusers like "Mario Lundy" are still coining in from the States of Jersey,

Again, where is the outrage?

It is beyond belief that abusers are still working for the States.
Let us hope that the elections bring a higher calibre of fresh States Members, and who are going to act against the oppression and tyranny in Jersey instead of sitting on their hands and obeying orders.

Please read Mark Forskitt's view at the green link below,
it's a good read.


  1. Mark Forskitt had a similar comment

  2. Thanks Anon, will take a peep now.

  3. The quicker these negotiations are finalised and the compensation is paid out the better.

    The abused have suffered for long enough.

    As a taxpayer I have always felt that the abused should be adequately compensated for the way they were let down by our Government at the time they were abused and very much so by the Government at the time that the abuse became public and ever since.

    There has been so much harm to Jersey done by some politicians dragging their feet, thinking that they could cover up the abuse, and, thereby, reduce or put a stop to any compensation paid.

    Such shameful behaviour by the so-called elite.


  4. Solicitor David Coleman has taken on 50 Jersey born people seeking compensation. And UK solicitor Alan Collins has taken on 36 Jersey born people.

    Thats 86 Jersey born people seeking compensation for child abuse in Jersey care homes....

    Yet only a hand full of Jersey child abuses so far convicted?!

  5. and we (the survivors) have heard it all before.

  6. Nothing is over you guy's, NOTHING!!!

  7. Would these triumphant lawyers be so kind as to publish their wages for this ritious cause?

    I await with baited breath. And for one simple reason only, every case I have ever heard of that has been successful, has resulted in the lawyers getting three times as much as the victims put together.

    Time yields all things.

  8. Peter Garsden didn't seem too pleased when I rang him up to tell him of how I have been abused and reabused on Monday 11th July this year. He said he was going to a meeting,but he didn't say "I will talk to you after the meeting" as I would have expected him to. I wonder what the meeting was about? It must have been a really important meeting, for him not even to have a few seconds to even make an arrangement to speak with a survivor of the Staffordshire Pindown abuse.

    He told a select committee that only a tiny fraction of abuse (I think it was 2%) was institutional. How would he know that, if he turns away abuse survivors like he did me?

    I hope these greedy vulture gatekeepers wage packets rot their pockets.


  9. Not all of those abused by the SoJ are getting compensation! Some of us havn't even spoken to a lawyer, or involved in the JCLA! Whatever happens, it's still not over!

  10. Why not get involved with the JCLA? Carrie is always welcoming new people.