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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

"Caring Jersey Tramples On The Abuse Survivors Yet Again!!!"

We Have More Important Things To Think About Than

Victims of abuse at a Jersey children's home said they would start court action if the States did not compensate them soon.
Thirty six former residents of Haut de la Garenne are being represented by a UK law firm that specialises in historic child abuse cases.
The States said it was hopeful compensation would be agreed soon.
Alan Collins from Verisona Solicitors and Advocates said they were not prepared to wait much longer.
Mr Collins said: "We've now reached the stage where if compensation is not paid very soon then we will let the courts decide, which is a shame because it is stressful going to court, it costs a lot of money and is not a good thing to do but sometimes victims have no choice."
In a statement, the States of Jersey said it was working on a deal with the claimants.
It said: "The States of Jersey's representatives and legal advisors have been liaising with lawyers for claimants for some time.
"Significant progress has been made over the last couple of months to enable the claims to be managed by the States of Jersey.
"We hope to be in a position to make a formal statement on behalf of the States of Jersey in the coming weeks."




  1. Unbelievable. This is so disrespectful of the survivors. I can only hope this chain of letters will establish a strong legal foundation for political reform. It is just another example of an expensive fake inquiry so they can once again whitewash the abuse. They are starting with how the terms of reference are being laid out, practically admitting in advance that there will be differences of opinion. That admission is based on their confidence they will be able to avoid a meaningful enough inquiry to satisfy the survivors. Odds are a million to one their inquiry will seek out and report the truth!

  2. Funny you should say that Anon, thats just what we were all thinking!!!

  3. Ian - just to be fair and now create a bit of balance, the JCLA have now received a letter from the Chief Minister and Ed Marsden inviting them to meet with Mr Marsden in early September to offer input and suggestions in regard to the TOR for the Committee of Inquiry.


  4. Such a cute adorable image on the 'Nobody Came' book,but maybe you should reconsider using such an emotional image.
    Though the 'Robbie Garner'book is extremely distressing,there are parts of his account of his time at Haut de la Garenne which are clearly inaccurate. I wonder if the States of Jersey police ever got in touch with him about his claims.Cant say that i have heard of anyone being charged with the abuse that he describes.

  5. I can't really adhere to your submission that a picture of sad children is "cute" & "adorable" and especially in the context of this book.

    "Though the 'Robbie Garner' book is extremely distressing,there are parts of his account of his time at Haut de la Garenne which are clearly inaccurate."

    You would know?

    Enlighten us, please!

  6. read robbies book, and when you have finished it, send it to the bellyache brothers.i cried all the way thru it, i kept having to remind myself that it was jersey during the 50s -60s, i kept thinking it was some victorian workhouse. i have a few friends that were in care and some of them have still not spoken about what happened to them.

  7. I too cried my way through 'Robbie Garners'book,especially over his abuse at the hands of the nuns at the Sacre Couer home.
    My reason for tracking down a copy of the book was to get his account of his time at Haut de la Garenne.this part of his book causes me to doubt his honesty,or powers of recollection.His early recollections are so minutely detailed that i doubt that he has a memory problem. I cannot get my hands on the book just now as its still in the hands of a local media person. Going from my memory,I recall that he described abuse he suffered in the Haut de la Garenne cellars to the effect that.... he was taken down a long flight of steps and along a corridor to a room where he was abused. Much has been written about these cellars/voids and it is quite clear that his description does not match what we know of the area.
    Have been trying (without success)to work out who he is from what little information he gives.His description of the dining room dates his account from after 1961,by which time i had left.

  8. Thanks anon, interesting viewpoint.

  9. Yes my comment re those children is taken out of the context of the book. That picture could just as readily have been used for a positive book on children ,and reminds me of happy times when my own children were that age.