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Friday, 8 July 2011

"Wonders Never Cease In Jersey"

"The Crassness Of Some People"

This is what happens when you are brought up on the diatribe of
BBC Jersey, Cover-up TV, & the Jersey Evening Post.

Is it any wonder that most Jersey citizens haven't a clue what goes on
under their noses!!!


  1. Ah, I dare say democracy is so crass! How lovely it would be if manners were properly stationed above integrity and fair play, as it is more suitable to the better people of Jersey. We don't wish to know all those dirty details of public business. Criticism of our dear upstanding friends only makes the topic of our political entitlement impolite for social discussion.

  2. I see that Bridget couldn't actually name anything of substance that TLS has done well for us.
    Any politician can be hard working and have carried themselves in a dignified manner. It doesn't mean that they have been good and effective though.

    Nice try Bridget.

    The Beano is not the Rag

  3. If Bridget speaks up for you, christ you know you are in trouble,

    God bless her.


  4. Watch out! This is a build up to slaging off the scrutiny panel........ J.E.P (Jersey Establishment Press), up to its usual low level and decietful reporting!

  5. When the ONLY person who speaks up for a Chief Minister, is Bridget, you know you must be doomed!!

  6. Of course TLS is Bridget´s favorite of the month, It was rumoured at one time that Bridget and TLS were, in love and were to elope to cloud cuckoo land where they would live for ever.

  7. Don't knock Bridget.She is the champion of the poor dumb Animals.