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Sunday, 24 July 2011

"Will Chief Officer Mike Bowron See Eye To Eye With Sir Hugh Orde?"

Sir Hugh Orde says corrupt police should be locked up

Sir Hugh Orde at Acpo conference Sir Hugh Orde says he has not decided whether to apply for the job of commissioner

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Corrupt police officers should be locked up and the key "thrown away", the president of the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) has said.
Sir Hugh Orde was speaking in the wake of allegations about Metropolitan Police officers taking money from the News of the World for information.
He said the UK had one of the least corrupt police services but that it was not complacent.
Sir Hugh is among those being tipped as the next Met Police commissioner.
Last week Sir Paul Stephenson resigned as Commissioner of the Met after it emerged that former News of the World (NoW) executive editor Neil Wallis had been employed by Scotland Yard as a public relations consultant.
The Met has now advertised for his replacement.
Later Sir Hugh was asked if he would be applying for the job and he said: "I haven't finally made up my mind whether to put my hat in the ring, but I note that the mayor (Boris Johnson) is on record as saying that he is ideally looking for a woman to do the job… and that is something that anyone interested in the job has to think about before they decide whether to go for it."

“Start Quote

Every police officer patrolling the streets this morning expects that any corrupt officer that lets the side down, that does huge damage to policing, should be locked up and the key thrown away”
End Quote
Sir Hugh Orde President, Acpo
New leadership
Speaking about the recent allegations, Sir Hugh told the BBC's James Landale: "My sense is that 140,000 police officers in this country are looking at this and are clearly worried. They need very quickly new leadership to be put in."
He added: "Let's not lose our nerve."
Meanwhile it has emerged that Surrey Police have removed an officer from the inquiry into Milly Dowler's murder after claims information was leaked to the NoW.
Earlier this week Assistant Commissioner John Yates resigned from the Met after questions were raised about his role in failing to reinvestigate phone hacking and his friendship with Mr Wallis.
Mr Yates's job as Scotland Yard's lead officer on counter-terrorism was given to Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dick.
Sir Hugh, a former Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland, told the BBC the Met had "huge strength" and that there were "some outstanding leaders" who had taken the helm.
'Zero tolerance'
Sir Hugh said he had a "zero tolerance" policy towards corrupt police officers and civilians working for the police.
Cressida Dick Cressida Dick could be the first female commissioner

But he said it needed to be put in context: "The chief officer of the police service of this country, Sir Paul Stephenson, said 'This happened on my watch, I am responsible, I am resigning.' Compare that with Rupert Murdoch - complete denial of any responsibility of his organisation."
James Landale asked whether it was necessary for police officers to go to jail to prove to the public that corruption was not endemic in the police.
Sir Hugh said: "Every police officer patrolling the streets this morning expects that any corrupt officer that lets the side down, that does huge damage to policing, should be locked up and the key thrown away."
He was also asked about cutbacks to the police and whether the 44 forces in England and Wales could be more efficient.
Sir Hugh said: "We are doing our level best to be as efficient as we can be. Her Majesty's Inspector (of Constabulary) released a report only this week that despite 20% cuts we have maintained frontline service delivery by doing things in different ways.
"My personal view is that we do need to look more widely at policing through some sort of commission because we are currently delivering against 21st Century threats with a 20th Century model. Forty-four forces is simply too many."



  1. Well thats warcup and gradwell for the chop then?

  2. AND....

    Simon-Allen Le Bas
    Andrew Du Feu
    Barry Taylor
    Lynne Lang
    Robert McIntosh

  3. Could add another five to the list of policemen "PROVEN" to have committed perjury in my cases.

    Notwithstanding that disgusting scum David Harrison, who if he faced justice, real justice, would spend the rest of his life in prison.

  4. Mick Gradwell and David WarcupJuly 24, 2011 5:28 pm

    "any corrupt officer that lets the side down, that does huge damage to policing, should be locked up and the key thrown away."

  5. That line has such a perfect ring to it :)

  6. For years the corrupt officers believed they were permanently untouchable, just like in Jersey. Now their wall of protection is crumbling.

  7. A pig who is a stranger to fidelity who worked in Northern Ireland, when people were being tortured and setup by the police tries to tell us everything will be ok now we have weeded out the FEW bad cops?

    Not on his nelly! most if not all the police are corrupt simply because they are correctable, and this sad sack of a man should be in prison himself for the many death he oversaw in Ireland, it's funny how the beeb push to bring old hands back to do new jobs when they and those like them were and are the cause of the problem, in the hope that we have forgot the crap they were involved in when we last heard of them.

  8. "most if not all the police are corrupt simply because they are correctable."

    I sure will go along with that boyhowdy!!!


    "Those who benefit from any societal mechanism rarely wish to understand that mechanism especially if it appears to grant them power, control or authority over their fellow man and understanding that mechanism would limit, diminish or remove that apparent power, control or authority. They simply do not want to know. Because… It is far easier to Ignorantly Control Others than it is to Wisely Control Yourself."

  10. Are any of them uncorrupted? Do any of them really care about child abuse? I havent seen much evidence that they do from my personal experience. The MET have conspired with the paedoscum to cover up all the horrible Pindown child abuse all over the UK and Jersey. They know all about it, because so many of us survivors have written letters to them. Its disgusting, when are we even going to get a simple apology for the child abuse AND the malicious vindictive persecution?


  11. and whos gonna lock up the corrupt coppers ??more corrupt coppers ???