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Sunday, 17 July 2011

"Wanna Be A Hack? Wanna Play Games With The Sheeple? Then Join The JEP!"

"Your Chance To Join In With The Cover-up"

Test Question For Applicants:
How many sheep do you see in the picture?

If your answer is more, or less, than eleven, you may stop reading now!
 Criteria Required For The Successful Applicant
"Our Ten Commandments"

1/ You must be utterly servile
2/ You must not ask any questions that you have not already been schooled in answering
3/ You must obey your leaders at all times
4/ You must not think for yourself
5/ You must be without conscience
6/ You must not converse with bloggers (they will trick you into the truth)
7/ You must be prepared to cover up anything that may taint Jersey's good name
8/ You must be prepared to have your work totally rewritten by your esteemed bosses
9/ You must never divulge the truth
10/ You must be prepared to be abandoned by management at any time

"If This Is For You, Please Apply Below"



  2. That was an interesting vid....

  3. There are 13 parts to the video all dealing with the type of people who are abusing in Jersey and what makes them tick.

  4. Thank you for that, I will be watching them later. Richard Gross has written some good books on the subject, very interesting.

    Ballymun (Baile Munna)....Jaaayyzzz, I remember that place :)

  5. Ian.

    Jersey's media called into question by Bloggers at SCRUTINY HEARING.

  6. "we are looking for a suitably qualified or potential trainee journalist with a SHARP and inquiring mind"

    FOR WHAT???

    To report on a police stand full of BLUNT PENCILS!!!