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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

"UK Top Cop Resigns From Jersey Force After Only Two Months"

"Questions With 'NO' Answers"


  1. Word on the wire is he's a gay man.

  2. Sexual harassment is a serious thing and it damages entire organizations by destroying morale. Still...there is something suspicious about this. Am I the only one who thinks Gravett's alleged sexual harassment would be covered-up and considered a minor problem if he was playing by the rules of the Jersey Way? Officers have been accused of a lot more in Jersey and gotten away with it, or even promoted. Bonjour is far more tainted by the known facts, in my opinion.


    Is this the same person? 4 days or 2 months?

  4. Hello Ian did you notice that although Bonjour has been promoted a new chief super from the UK has been recruited. I thought ilm wanted to reduce the force.

  5. There does appear to be an issue behind the scenes here.

    Mike Bowron has categorically denied any suggestion of inappropriate behaviour so does that make him a liar then?

    The Beano is not the Rag

  6. Anon at comment 3

    These were two different cops.

  7. Funny how cops from outside are hired and used later as scapegoats, hired and used to disparage their predecessors, lied about and defamed without evidence, or just don't last long for other mysterious reasons.

    Equally strange is how much some other Jersey police officers get away with for years, even decades.

    Could it be too much of that "political control of the police" - that very undemocratic control ILM was so eager to embrace?

  8. The Beano is not the Rag

    There are so many liars within the Jersey power structure, it is almost impossible to define who is telling any kind of truth!

  9. 'Equally strange is how much some other Jersey police officers get away with for years, even decades'.

    Yes, and then get promoted as in the case of Bonjour! There is something seriously amiss at SOJP. Too many comings and goings to make it sheer coincidence.

    Incidentally Ian, is not the Carrel trial this week, and if so why is it not being reported by any of the 'accredited' media.

    And.....still nothing on the St. Clements Rd death crash. Are they hoping we will slowly forget?

  10. I don't call nine people a shortlist. Two or three, yes, perhaps four.

    Does the public interest demand that we should see the list of the other candidates? Or if not, at least from which police forces they came? Because to be selected as one of the other eight out of nine makes me suspect that certain HR officers are weighting the scales in favour of Mr Bonjour - and as has been reported in the Harper affidavit, there are a good many unanswered questions about his past behaviour.

  11. Ian,

    Just posted this on Stuarts site in reply to a question on the Green Island Death Crash.

    Green Island Death Crash.

    Anonymous asks 'whats the difference in his case and the Trinity accident?'

    Well now let's do some investigating, because there is obviously a BIG difference, as the Trinity crash was an ordinary working class person and the Lotus driver obviously is NOT.

    Let's assume he must be rich, must be connected to a VIP, or even be one, after all who can afford to own what has been suggested was only one of two of these particular Lotus Elise cars in the Island?

    Who is it who owns the other one? maybe finding out their social standing and calibre may give us some sort of clue as to the possible social standing of this owner? Also, we can rule out the owner of the other one as the possible driver of the death car.

    Let's face it, the elite aren't going to talk to us regarding who it may be, but we all know someone who, maybe works at DVLC, or a garage who may have valeted, serviced or even parked the car?

    Who do we know who works at the Hospital, maybe cleaners, porters or manual workers who may have heard something?

    What about breakdown vehicles, and emergency services personel, which St Clement centenier was on duty that night?

    Who lives by the crash scene who was told who it was?

    Who knew Dita well enough to know who she was seeing?

    Start asking questions people, this should not be covered up when you know if it had been one of us we would have been named.

    I cannot see how that car could have been doing 30, and one could possibly wonder if drink or drugs were involved, so surely some sort of charge should be forthcoming?

    What circumstances would mean that a driver of a car who killed someone would not be charged with some sort of offence?
    Maybe they will try to say she killed herself, and it was lucky she didn't kill him as well?

    God- nothing would surprise me in this place anymore. So, please get investigating, we must be able to suss this out before people get threatened with being sued for telling the TRUTH the whole truth and nothing but the truth.....


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