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Sunday, 3 July 2011

"States Of Jersey Oligarchy V's Lenny Harper & Curtis Warren"

The gloves are off in St Helier tomorrow for the showdown between the Jersey Oligarchy and Lenny Harper, preceded by the showdown between the Jersey Oligarchy and Curtis Warren.

As we are all well aware, corruption is rife in Jersey and the two fights will get underway tomorrow morning, the loser paying a hefty price.

So, without further ado, it's over to Stuart Syvret at ringside.


Might I suggest that anyone who is in St. Helier this Monday morning, with a little free time - may wish to attend a Scrutiny Panel hearing - which is open to the public - and which begins at 11.00a.m, and takes place in the HV Benest Room, at Morier House.

This meeting will be taking live testimony from Lenny Harper, in respect of the now discredited actions of the Jersey authorities in manufacturing a fake "financial mismanagement" "scandal" in an attempt to discredit the historic child abuse investigation.

Make no mistake - the Jersey oligarchy are in big - big - trouble over this one.

Big Trouble.

But - as crucial and as fascinating as this public hearing will be - it is not the only examination of the conduct of the Jersey authorities to be taking place in St. Helier tomorrow morning.

Although, sadly, the second inquiry is not open to the public.

For also beginning on Monday 4th July - at 10am - at the Radisson Hotel - are interviews by Hampshire Police - against Crown Advocates and police - for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice in the Curtis Warren case.

Why, I believe my 'old friend', Dave Minty - the amazing disappearing man - might be having some music to face - sooner or later - in that case.

I guess Mr. Warren's alleged riches - were just too, too tempting a prize - to keep the COCF nicely inflated - and thus keep in million-pound contracts - and other "benefits" - the various racketeers who profit from Jersey's main slush-fund.


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