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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

"States of Jersey - No Accountability For Their Own Incompetence"

States vote against road injury compensation for Jersey

A pothole Politicians voted against a law allowing people injured by a badly maintained road to get compensation

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Jersey will not get a law allowing people to claim compensation for being injured because of a badly-maintained road.
Under current laws, the States cannot be held liable for injuries as a result of badly maintained highways.
Deputy Bob Hill wanted to introduce a law so the States or parishes pay compensation to people who get hurt on a neglected road or pavement.
He said it would force the authorities to take better care of roads.
He said: "There is concern that by approving my proposition it could lead to increased premiums being required from insurance companies but on the plus side it would lead to greater safety for all our island residents."
But the Transport and Technical Services (TTS) Minister, Constable Mike Jackson, said it could lead to a claims culture in Jersey.
He said: "I cannot agree with this proposition because it will lead to significant financial risk for TTS and all the parishes, the true cost is unknown but I am absolutely certain if it is adopted there will be a significant increase in compensation claims, an increase in the parish rates, and to insurance premiums.
"Additional staff and training to handle claims would be required, there would be an increase in legal representation needed to provide a robust defence and an associated increase in the TTS roads maintenance budget would be necessary."
States members voted against the proposal with 18 votes in favour to 30 against.

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