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Saturday, 9 July 2011

"The States Of Jersey Never Listen"

States ‘would not listen to savings ideas’

Karen Patterson

STATES managers have been accused of not listening to experts who offered to ‘rip out a whole pile of cost base’ from the way in which the public sector is run.
Karen Paterson of international software business Acrede said that she and her firm were effectively snubbed when they put forward proposals which they were confident would slash the States’ operating costs.
Mrs Paterson has an international reputation for providing cost-effective and efficient human resources and payroll systems for multi-national companies.
However, acting States chief executive John Richardson has denied that the Acrede team were ignored. He said that he and colleagues met Mrs Paterson’s team twice and that the comment that they were effectively snubbed by States managers was ‘wholly inappropriate’.


  1. Well if it sounds like a snub, smells like a snub, feels like a snub, and their proposals weren't taken up, then I guess it really WAS a snub !


  2. You got it :)

    And to compound matters, Richardson can only come up with "wholly inappropriate"???

    Same old Oligarchy smegma, same crap, different clown.