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Thursday, 14 July 2011

"States Deputy Wasting His Time!"

Jersey deputy resigns from four scrutiny panels

Deputy Tadier resigns from four scrutiny panels
after losing debate in the States

A Jersey deputy has resigned from four scrutiny panels that monitor government policy after losing a debate in the States on Wednesday.
The education and home affairs scrutiny panel wanted to allow members of the public to join the Jurats that visit prisoners to see how they are treated.
The vote was split, which meant the status quo was maintained.
As a result Deputy Montfort Tadier said he was standing down from the four scrutiny panels he belongs to.
He told the States: "I have had two and a half years to think about my position on scrutiny and this emphasises the fact that I am actually wasting my time completely when one comes forward with very moderate propositions which could have been much more radical.
"And I would ask other members of scrutiny to actually examine their positions as well."
The chairman of the education and home affairs scrutiny panel, Deputy Roy Le Herissier, said there was a "strong possibility" other members could step down too.
And the deputy said he was also considering his position.
"This is not an isolated incident, there are other matters unfortunately... and I have taken a fairly moderate view on these issues, and had to persuade my members to wait, to reflect and not to be impetuous."


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  2. Perhaps you could submit this comment again anon on my latest posting, and without the swearing please :)

    Thank you....

  3. Sadly I feel Monty has been impetuous on this occasion inasmuch as he could have just waited until the BDO Alto review was completed and then stepped down.

    Whilst I understand his reasoning, his timing has upset a few people, myself included, particularly with him abstaining on the censure motion on the very same day.

  4. He has lost his bottle I think.

  5. Has Mr Tadier been threatened?

    According to the voice they are intimidating abuse survivors now.

  6. Anon above.

    I have read the VFC latest blog and made a few phone calls, it appears that the intimidation story is genuine.

    When it gets to the point of having to intimidate survivors/witnesses/victims, you know the Government are on their last legs....

  7. mr tadier want,s to join the old boys club just you see if he gets back in he will get a ministerial job?

  8. Tadier must be a government plant sent in to sabotage the scrutany hearings, no wonder there weren't much objection to it going ahead.