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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

"Shock For South African Hoping For Better Rights In Jersey"

Illegal immigrant tries to row to Jersey in inflatable - News, Weather & Information for the Channel Islands - Illegal immigrant found trying to make way to Jersey
A Jersey resident staying on the Ecrehous alerted Jersey authorities the man had come ashore

An illegal immigrant tried to sneak into Jersey by rowing here on an inflatable kayak.

The 26-year-old was discovered stranded on the Ecrehous Islands after trying to paddle to Jersey from Carteret in Normandy to seek asylum.

The man - who had no passport or other identification on him - was found after the Carteret Coastguard alerted Jersey officials.

They had been monitoring the man and grew suspicious after he paddled several miles out to sea - and the Jersey Coastguard launched the St Catherine Coastguard to find him.

He was picked up on the Ecrehous, to the North East of the island, after a call from a Jersey resident staying in a cottage on the reef. He was interviewed by Jersey Customs officials, who he told he was from South Africa and was claiming asylum in Jersey.

Paul Ecobichon, Assistant Director of Customs and Immigration, said: "I can confirm that a man was found off the Ecrehous after paddling on an inflatable kayak and it appears, trying to get to Jersey. He has now been escorted back to France."


  1. What a story! You're doing a great job with the campaigning Ian, keep up the great work, have added your site to my blogroll on

  2. Hi Mark, thanks mate and how are you and your lovely lady?

    And that bonnie little child of yours? Hope you guys are well :)

  3. Hey, we are all great thanks, we are so thankful for the opportunities that Ireland has given us to live a (almost) normal life lol :)