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Thursday, 7 July 2011

"Reduction In Senators going ahead"

New vote backs fewer Senators

Politicians in Jersey have again said the number of Senators must be reduced from 12 to eight.

Grouville Deputy Carolyn Labey had proposed a u-turn, saying the public must have a say before government changes the constitution. But States members stuck by their guns and upheld their January decision to trim the number of politicians elected on an all-island vote. Deputy Labey's proposition was defeated 26-25.

Deputy Labey says Senators are regarded as the most democratic and accountable of States members and there has been some public resentment of parochial deputies becoming ministers of major departments.
Deputy Carolyn Labey

The House was given the chance of deferring any reform decisions until the new Electoral Commission has a chance to report under a proposition brought by Deputy Trevor Pitman.

Again the answer was a close "no". The Deputy's motion was lost by 23 votes to 21.

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