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Saturday, 9 July 2011

"OZOUF's Sad Butt-Licking - Damns The Poor To Pay More"

"We must do more to attract rich incomers"
Screw the working class,
RICH can be taxed at 1%, the poor will pay the rest :)

"The Island Will Value & Respect You"

JERSEY needs to work harder to attract more super-rich immigrants to the Island, according to the Treasury Minister.
Senator Philip Ozouf has proposed changes to the rules governing tax for new 1(1)k residents which would drop their Jersey tax rate from 20 per cent to one per cent.
In the States this week, he admitted that the wrong message had been sent out to prospective new 1(1)ks that Jersey had closed its doors to them over the past years.
Instead, he said, a clear message needed to be sent out to them that the opposite was in fact true and the Island would ‘value’ and ‘respect’ them.


  1. He is Jersey's General for class warfare.

  2. disgracful Ozouf is an absolulely selfish bastard a Multi millionare he has never done a real days work and he lets the poor suffer and makes the rich richer pity he is not standing for election this year as he would be thrown out of the States he is scum!!!

  3. But JEP don't you understand people of his persuasion like Butt's also called "Rimming"

  4. Ozouf says that the cost of living (now up to 4.5% is a "temporary blip").
    I wish and hope beyond hope that he is just a "temporary blip".