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Monday, 18 July 2011

"Not Speaking With Lenny Harper Was A Monumental Cock Up!"

Rico's words to the Scrutiny Panel


Just left click on the pic's to read them



  1. Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Not a mention in the rag tonight that an ordinary member of the public gave evidence at the scrutiny hearing on Friday.
    The last thing they would want to divulge is that normal everyday people are doing there own research now and are more informed than for example , Ian (bumbling) le Marqaund ( although I think his performance was an act)
    Predictable reporting as ever.
    Well done , by the way RICO.

    Well that's a put down if ever I read one.

  3. Thanks ian pride of place m8 keep it up

  4. But Yawn Le Marquand ranted in the States today that 'nudge nudge' someone tipped off the N.o.W before the HDLG broke! and spot the connection someone spent £700 on the NoW journalists. ergo.. Harper is GUILTY. We won't mention the Mail on Sunday then will we?

  5. Was Mr. Kellett blocked from speaking to Mr. Steve Austin Vautier the Accounting office responsable for police spending that set the terms of reference for the BDO report.

    How could Mr. Harper, who despite requesting a budget, was never set one, be expected to keep within it?

    Who on this Island could be expected to come within a pound or a million of a budget that never existed.

    Why did Mr. Vautier Accounting officer not defend this issue with Mr. Kellet about debatable overspend Perhaps the last paragraph below explains why.

    Why am I reading of Mr. Vautier talking genocide when he should be talking figures. (More spin, irrelevance and confusion)

    Anyone interested should read below.

    Senator B.E. Shenton:
    No, no, just to explain how the accounting officer arrangements are within the department.

    Mr. S. Austin-Vautier:
    Oh right, okay, I beg your pardon. Yes, it may not be apparent to all the Committee but Home Affairs is the only department with 2 Chief Officers and there is a very, very important distinction. The Chief Officer of Police reports direct to the Minister and I have no managerial or command or control or responsibility at all, but I am the accounting officer and so the whole of the Home Affairs budget, half of which is the States of Jersey Police budget, I am accountable for. The rest of Home Affairs, that is the Prison, Fire and Rescue Services, Customs and Immigration, Jersey Field Squadron and Superintendent Registrar, they do report through me to the Minister. There is a different managerial relationship and clearly I can ask more questions of those departments than I can do of the Police. That, as I said, we have been able to live with under ordinary circumstances. When we got the unprecedented situation of potential child murder and all that was concerned with that inquiry, which it was billed as at the time, it put the accounting officer arrangements under severe strain and it has exposed weaknesses.

    Senator B.E. Shenton:
    Yes, I think I do not want to go into it now because it is quite a big issue but obviously you said that you cannot verify the expenditure and anyway you did not have the resources to go into that area. I think that is fair enough. I do not want to search for it too deeply.

    Mr. S. Austin-Vautier:
    Yes, it is not in dispute that I am accountable because the law says I am and there are particular circumstances that have arisen with regard to the inquiry and they need explaining.

  6. Ian.

    It's a mystery as to whether anybody has seen Lenny Harper's statement to Wiltshire. Wiltshire, I am led to believe, have assured Mr. Harper that they've not shown it to anybody.

    But just as big a question is "what could it possibly say?" BDO/Alto and Mike Kellett were reviewing the expenditure of Operation Rectangle, so one would assume are only interested in the expenses?

    In an exclusive interview with VFC Mr. Harper tells us that he was interviewed by Wilts for 5 solid days and not once was he ever asked a question about his EXPENSES

    So what do BDO/Kellett claim they have seen in Mr. Harper's statement to Wiltshire? (if they've seen it).

  7. Ian.

    What could BDO/Kellett have seen in Lenny Harper's STATEMENT TO WILTSHIRE?

  8. I note Ian,that you like me are under the missaprehension that Bdo is a financial audit.
    Its not.

    This is the title of the bdo inquiry

    Operation Rectangle (Historical Child Abuse Enquiry) - review of the efficient and effective use of resources

    The audit is aimed at looking at the Efficient and Effective use of all resources

  9. BANG!!! your dead. Well not quite, they usually inject you with poison these days.

    What dreams may come?

  10. "If a man lives, it is of certainty he will die. Therefore, it is foolish to think of death as if he were a foe to be vanquished. He will come when he will come."

  11. Mr Shenton sure doesn't want to go into it very deep, does he? Hmmmm...why is that?

  12. "Yes, I think I do not want to go into it now because it is quite a big issue..." "

    No, no, just to explain how the accounting officer arrangements are within the department."

    "I do not want to search for it too deeply."

    Scared, is he?

  13. "Why am I reading of Mr. Vautier talking genocide when he should be talking figures. (More spin, irrelevance and confusion)."

    Good point actually, though you may not realize it?

    Vautier and Le Marquand working together? YES....just as they did against me in 1996. They were the Judicial Greffe's of the then, police court & royal court.

    I put forward to the (then) Attorney General, Michael Birt, complaints that both my my police court & royal court trial tapes had been doctored! Naming both men as the probable perpetrators of said crimes, given the positions they held.

    AND, guess what happened to my complaints?


    Good old cover-up Jersey EH!!!

  14. To see these two arseholes working in tandem again, serves only to make me giggle.

    Over the years since 1996, I have put together an incredible dossier on our corrupt halfwits.

    AND they thought I would be bullied into letting it go?

    If either of these two scumbags would like to sue me for defamation of character, I am happy to take you trash on :)

  15. A LITTLE STARTER....and for main course ROAST PIG followed by pudding.

    But we are saving the pudding for just a little while longer :)